Your services were invaluable to us while in Boston.
We had a wedding to attend in the snow! 
You sent the perfect person to be with our child.
I wanted and needed to let you know how great Kat G was with our son, Jack. 
She was even early with all the snow that was falling. 
He can be a handful and have definite ideas about what he wants to do.
Kat was wonderful with him.
Keeping an 18 month old child occupied in a hotel room is no easy task.
She was even kind of enough to let us go over our allotted time by an hour.
Her smile was warm and inviting and is part of what won over Jack
who can be weary of new people.  I will definitely call on her again.
The secret is out. Kat is the best!
With many thanks!
-Dana and Nikale Pierce
(December 20th, 2008 at the Inn at Harvard)

As always, the boys loved being with Marcie. 
She brought a bunch of Christmas coloring sheets,
and they worked on them that night as well as the rest of the weekend. 
She definitely has the touch.  Thanks so much.
-Maggie, December 2008

Thank you Jennifer -
Andrea was great (wish we could have kept her for baby feedings overnight!).
-Brian and Molly, November 2008

I just wanted to thank you for your services and let you know
that all of the sitters you sent for our event were really excellent. 
Erica, Margarita and Cara were extremely helpful, cheerful, and great with the kids.
Thanks so much!
-Nicole, November 2008

Hi!  I used your services this weekend and was SO SO SO happy with Meredith! 
I will post a positive comment for her listing as soon as I can this week. 
I can’t say enough positive about her- my girl really loved her, most importantly.
-Jade, November 2008 

Lindsay was absolutely fantastic.
We couldn't have asked for more.  Dash had a great time and went to bed easily.
-Reva, November 2008

Meredith was so great with Juliet!  I can't even say enough good things about her. 
Juliet liked her so much that she was calling her her other grandma! 
She gets our highest rating!  Thank you so much!
-Theresa, October 2008

I just wanted to let you know that Sharon J was WONDERFUL with the girls last week. 
They had a great time & so did Sharon! 
Thanks so much!
-Cheryl, October 2008

Not sure if you remember me,
but I utilized your services a few weeks ago
and just wanted to let you know that Victoria was great. 
She seemed very focused on playing
with my daughter, who I think enjoyed her company quite a bit. 
So consider this positive feedback from a happy customer!
Thank you,
-Faye Hudson, October 2008

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you. 
Lindsay was wonderful this past weekend.
She showed up early, was well dressed for our events but most importantly
was so kind and wonderful with our family.
Her demeanor was so sweet and good-natured. 
Our children and everyone she interacted
with were so easily able to recognize her many wonderful qualities.
She made our weekend in Boston so enjoyable, and relaxing.
If you ever need a recommendation or reference for Lindsay, please contact me,
I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. 
I appreciate everything your company did to make our trip for our
family wedding a tremendous success.
Thank you.
-Ali Wasserman, October 2008

Thank you for all your help --
babysitting at Young Israel of Brookline went very well;
Sharon H, Sharon J, and Kimberly were great!
Thanks again -- I hope to work with you again in the future.
-Sarah, September/October 2008

Cristina was excellent!  Thank you so much for the recommendation. 
We were very happy with her and will definitely use her again.
-Jodi, September 2008

We were very pleased with Sharon J. 
She was wonderful with our daughter!
-Mike, September 2008

Kimberly H was really terrific, by the way. 
My husband and I both give her a very enthusiastic endorsement. 
The kids took to her right away and she had all the qualities I like most in a sitter -
calm, caring, responsible, helpful, flexible enthusiastic and independent. 
She literally was engaged with one or both of the kids for 12 hours a day
and then, once they went to bed, did something like make fresh pasta sauce
from tomatoes she picked from the garden or reorganize the refrigerator. 
She also has a very nice way of handling little instances of resistance
or acting out by young children, managing to talk them through those moments
rather than resorting even to a time out.  So, all around, she was just wonderful
and we'd love to have her back whenever she's available.
-S. McSwain, August 2008

Kim P was the best babysitter we have ever had.
-Amy Bersh, August 2008

Dear Boston's Best Babysitters,
It takes an excellent organization to make and leave an impression in a person's mind....
and an even greater one to receive letters of gratitude and satisfaction after the fact.
I want to take this time to thank you for your sweet, personable and professional services
beginning from the initial phone conversation all the way to the final farewell. 
Thank you Jennifer and Tara for making our trip that much more pleasurable! 
I also wish to THANK Katie T for her EXCELLENT babysitting services!
Both Madison and Brendan really enjoyed her company and care
and I believe she knew that based on their reaction to her,
their smiles and calmed natures when they were all together. 
Katie was extremely personable, flexible and sweet with the children from the very start;
prepared with books, games, a smile and a super friendly attitude. 
She had the ability to read the kids and their needs and that meant a great deal
to me given their ages (2 1/2 yr old active boy and 4 1/2 yr old girly girl). 
On our 2nd day with Katie, our daughter,
Madison, asked me if she could go to Katie's house and play! 
My husband and I knew she was awesome when I heard that request! 
The kids still speak of Katie aka "Boston Katie"
and we only hope to meet her again on our next trip to Boston!
Take care and please do not hesitate to provide my email address
to any concerned or curious parent that has any further questions
about my family's experience with BBB.
Happy Mom,
-Jules Feng, July 2008

Tara took care of our two boys, ages 4.5 and 2.5, over a period of 3 days
while we attended work conference activities at the Boston Sheraton. 
Our boys are finicky when it comes to nannies, and will refuse to be with most.
But Tara had the goods to win them over immediately.
She has a pleasant face/ smile and overall demeanor, which is calming and trusting.
She immediately engaged our children, talking to them at their level. 
Each time she came with new toys, paints, books
which immediately made my kids curious and eager. 
My 4.5 year old kept asking when Tara will be back! 
Finally, Tara took the time to fill us in on what transpired
when we were gone on her own time which we very much appreciated.
We highly recommend Tara and the agency.
-Mark & Lisa, July 2008

Meredith was awesome! 

Baby Nathan loved her and we did too!
Thanks for your help.
-Liz Price, July 2008

I really can't say enough good things about Maria--what a godsend.  
She makes our life so much better.
-Gigi, July 2008

Just wanted to let you know that everything went well with Meghan C today.
My kids had a great time with her and she was a great help to me.
Thanks for your help and I will definitely look your service up again next time we're in Boston.
Take care,
-Megan, June 2008

I would like to thank you for choosing Dawn A.
to take care of our two little girls at Boston Harbor Hotel last week. 
The girls enjoyed her presence and had a lot of fun.
We were very impressed with her kindness and outstanding professionalism.
 Thank you and please thank Dawn from us.
-Diana & Delwyn Forrest, June 2008

Tara was an absolute delight to have Tara as Owen's babysitter. 
I felt very comfortable leaving Owen with her and she made us feel at ease
with her professionalism and caring personality - it's all true. 
As a parent, it's hard to find anyone good enough to watch your child,
but when you do, you want to tell the World about them. 
Tara is indeed a very genuine and special person
and I hope to use her again the next time we visit your great city!
Take care,
-Jean and Owen (NYC), June 2008

Thank you so much for helping me with my son's care today-
we really enjoyed meeting Kim -- my son called her "my sister"-
he was very comfortable talking to her and asking questions. 
-Iulia, June 2008

Just a quick note to say thank you for your services. 
Melissa was fabulous!
My daughter Isabella really had a great time with her.
It was a nice feeling knowing that our daughter was cared for
by such a warm and kind person.  
 Thank you again and I am sure we will use your service again.
-Cyndi Fox, June 2008

 I meant to write you sooner and let you know that I was very impressed
with your service and with Tara. 
Everything went great.  She was prompt, professional and great with Ryan.   
I look forward to using your service again the next time I travel there with my children.
-Nikki Limburg (GoldenView ULTRASOUND), June 2008

Meredith has been great! 
WAY above and beyond the call of duty with her care.
-Ginna, June 2008

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Ward and Wyatt! 
They had such a good time, and Ward liked telling me
about playing on the Common and reading about the ducklings. 
We hope you had as much fun as we had at dinner - such a treat for us! 
Thank you, Tara!
-Jenny, June 2008

Thank you Tara - you are Boston’s Best Babysitter!!!
The kids had fun and want you to babysit them in Maryland!
-Franny, June 2008

I would like to thank you for sending us Kim to take care of our baby while we
enjoyed a wedding reception at the Langham Hotel over Memorial Day weekend. 
While our son is a very good sleeper, it is sometimes a little difficult to put him down. 
Kim had no problem with it. 
While we enjoyed the wedding festivities, she played with him, washed him up, fed him,

put him to bed and cleaned all the dirty bottles that had accumulated. 
My husband and I went upstairs a couple of times to check in and saw
that she had everything under control. 
Thank you again and we have no doubts recommending
your services and especially Kim to any friends on their visit to Boston.
 Best regards,
-Jennifer Rubinstein, May 2008

I want to thank you for Maryalice.  She was such a nice gal, just excellent. 
My daughter was sick and Maryalice stayed right by her side the entire time. 
Everything worked out so well.  If you ever need a reference or anything,
you can tell them to call George in NYC!
Thank you,
-George, May 2008

I want to let you know that I like your service better than the other one! 
I just loved Cristina.
She was loving and warm with our son, and so wonderful. 
And as a mother, I want to thank you. 
I really appreciate your service. 

Cristina was just lovely.
All the Best,
-Jenny, May 2008

I meant to write to you awhile back, but am just getting to it now. 
I wanted to thank you for sending Cristina S to us. 
She was wonderful!  She brought her own music and toys for Isabel. 
She seemed genuinely excited to have spent time with her. 
And, Isabel was sleeping when we got in - a MIRACLE!!  
Thank you again and please thank Cristina for us.
-Laura, May 2008

We have depended on Boston's Best Babysitters since moving to town a year ago.
They have been our life savers.
Jennifer has handled all our requests, including last minute ones
with great care and Tara our babysitter has been beyond compare.
The other girls we have had have also been excellent. 
I highly recommend this agency to any parent.
-Bjorg, April 2008

We used your service last week while attending a conference in Boston,
  and were very pleased with the quality of the care that our son 
received from Meredith--
thank you.
-Dai Yamamoto, April 2008

Maria is so awesome! 
She has been such a great help, so thank you for that. 
I’ve already recommended you to my sister and other people in the area. 
Again, thank you so much for your services.
-Suzanne W, April 2008

Things are going swimmingly with Maria.  
She's awesome with Adnan. 
He kicks with excitement when he hears her walk in in the morning

and she loves him like he's her own.
-Gigi, April 2008
Thanks very much for arranging to have Cristina babysit our son Oscar last night

(esp. on such short notice). 
She was great, and we will definitely be calling BBB again the next time we're in Boston.
 Best regards,
-Fred Chung and Kim Chun, April 2008

Just wanted to let you know Maria was FANTASTIC! 
Thank you for your help insetting this up. 
I'd be delighted to recommend her and your service to others.
-Lisa, April 2008

The classes Priscilla gave were well done and well received. 
She has a wonderful way of teaching and was well-informed.
It was a good experience.
-Meredith, March 2008

Thanks your service was terrific and the kids Loved Melissa!
-Q Perkson, March 2008

Thanks for helping us out with Christina this week and last...
we would have been lost!
-Lynne, February 2008

I adored Megan and so did my son! 
You were right, this is a great match. 
Thank you for sending her!
-Andrea, February 2008

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks so much for this. 
Lois was on time and very pleasant.
Kind regards,
-Lucy, February 2008

Thanks Jennifer! 
Maria was absolutely WONDERFUL!
As hard as it was for me to leave Finlay all day,
she made it much easier as she was so great with him, it was such a relief.
Finlay loved her.  And I did too.
He is just starting solids, and she was such a help giving him lunch everyday.
The days ended up being longer than I first expected and she was fantastic about that too. 
Thanks again, will definitely recommend BBBabysitters to anyone looking for help.
You were a pleasure to work with too.
-Courtney, February 2008

Sarah was great!! Thanks again for working with us.
It was so easy and Sarah was wonderful with Eva.
We’ll definitely be calling again when we’re next in town. Best,
-Sandra, January 2008

Priscilla was and is a Godsend to our family!! 
She was at our home to greet us as we returned from the hospital
and she instantly put my first time parenting fears at ease. 
Our baby was easily comforted by her
and we couldn't have felt more sure of any other caregiver. 
She stayed with us for a month and I learned all the tricks and tips of handling a newborn. 
In addition to being an excellent caregiver, she was a perfect Mommy-Coach! 
Priscilla still comes to see the baby every once in a while
and he smiles the minute he sees her. 
She has become one of our favorite people and I couldn't recommend her services enough. 
It's difficult to find someone as professional (she's a certified expert in CPR too),
as knowledgeable, as responsible and as sweet as Priscilla!
-Ali, January 2008

Just wanted to let you know Angela was awesome with our kids! 
We would definitely use her again if she is available. 
Thank you so much for all of your help!
 -Michelle, January 2008

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