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Boston's Best Gift Card

Excellence in Hotel Childcare, Elder Care and Pet Care     

4-6 loved ones


$115 3-hr minimum

$25/hr thereafter

*garage parking/Uber

1-3 loved ones


$115 3-hr minimum

$25/hr thereafter

*garage parking/Uber

Holiday rates include all major holidays with the exception of New Year's Eve. Repeat clients will receive regularly scheduled discount. Trans fees may apply.

Corporate or Private event? For event quotes, please send details to  inquiry@bbbabysitters.com 
Transportation fees may apply beyond the Greater Boston area.

Looking for long-term care? Occasionally, one of our hotel care providers crosses over to a permanent residential position. Contracts are available. 

New Years Eve

(& other major holidays)
1-3 (children/elders/pets)
$140 for 3-hr min; $30/hr thereafter

4-6 (children/elders/pets)
$170 for 3-hr min; $40/hr thereafter

*garage parking/Uber

Event Ratios
1:5 provider to child (ages 6y+)
1:3 provider to child (ages 1y-5y)
1:1 provider to child for infants

*Some exceptions may apply

Need event activities?

We can shop for and set-up your event for the cost of supplies,plus a $200 shopping/set-up fee.

*Additional fees may apply

Long-term                       Events                             Holidays

(part/full)                              (corporate/private)                  (first-time/repeat)

Savings start as early as day 2 of services. Depending on frequency of usage, repeat clients can expect to save $10-$35 off the 3-hr daily minimum.  view discount

As a repeat client, you will be automatically rewarded with the appropriate discount. There is NO up-front membership fee or commitment whatsoever...just pay as you go!

Discounts start at day 2.

For Repeat Clients

For First-time Clients

Please take note: There is a 3-hr daily minimum and transportation fees may apply outside of the Greater Boston area.

The 3-hr daily minimum will be charged for all cancellations with less than a 24-hr notice. Thank you in advance!

Long-term Contract Fee
Part-time $1800 

plus salary

​*No application fee

Full-time $2500 (31+ hrs/wk)

plus salary

Guarantees, replacements and trial periods included.
*No application fee

How Boston's Best BabySitters

Can Help the Ones You Love
At Boston’s Best BabySitters, our family of caregivers includes providers experienced in all levels of care. Whether you are in-need of childcare, eldercare or a loving provider for your pet, Boston's Best BabySitters can help! We have experts who can help with your newborn or even show your teens around the city. Ever have a time when you could use an extra pair of experienced hands when traveling with elders, or need someone to help exercise and give a cuddle to your pet companions? We would be delighted to help! Our team of providers are available for temporary hotel assignments, including one-time, on-going and overnight. Your loved-ones, no matter who they are, will be in the BEST possible care with one of our reliable and personable providers. BBB's Jennifer Cole >>