​​​​​​​Boston's Best BabySitters

Hi Jen:
I just want to write to tell you how absolutely wonderful Sharon Jones
was in caring for our 3 children over the holidays.  
As you will recall, we were in transit much of the week before and after Christmas,
with our stop in Boston for a family wedding right in the middle of it all.
Sharon met us punctually at the hotel, completely identifiable in her awesomeRed Sox jacket --

a big hit with our 10 year old Sox fanatic!
 She was warm, conversational and so enthusiastic --

and immediately made our children feel comfortable during the tight

hand-off time-frame between the wedding ceremony
(which they attended) and the reception (which was for grown-ups only).
She brought great age-appropriate activities for our 11, 10 and 8 year olds --
and even threw in a few Red Sox commemorative magazines which she no longer needed. 

Again, this was a huge hit!  
Sharon took the kids on a tour of the Public Garden and a bit of Back Bay
and had them all nestled in when we returned from the wedding reception.
 They were very happy and full of stories of their city adventure.
We want to thank Sharon and you for making our whirlwind passthrough Boston so smooth.  
We highly recommend Sharon to any current or future clients
and want you to feel free to use this reference on her behalf. 
If you wouldn't mind, could you send along Sharon's address?  
We'd like to send her a thank you note for the terrific Red Sox paraphernalia
that she bestowed upon the kids. 
It was really so nice of her, and we want to be sure to thank her appropriately.
With warmest thanks for your excellent service,
-Shelagh and Patrick Sullivan, Riverside, CT, December 2009

I want to say that Dorothy was great! 
She and Ellie got along really well,
which is so critical when you're trying to get some work done!
-Philtsia, November 2009

 We just wanted to drop you a short note to express our thanks
for Boston's Best's services on Saturday, October 3. 
Erica came to our hotel (the Lenox) to watch our son Christopher
for the evening, and it turned out to be a fantastic experience. 
We intended to send this note sooner,
but have been very occupied for the last several weeks.
 Erica was outstanding in her care of Christopher. 
She was very attentive and professional in his care,
and we felt very comfortable with Erica. 
That night, our itinerary and needs changed slightly,
and she was able to adjust her schedule
to arrive almost one hour earlier than originally planned. 
We really appreciated her flexibility to a last minute request,
and felt assured that Christopher was in good hands.
 We wanted to thank you for providing the type of service that parents hope to find
and know that you will continue to enjoy success with Boston’s Best Babysitters. 
We will definitely contact you again whenever we are in Boston.
 Thanks again.
-Phil and Kristen Schneider, October 2009

Thanks Jen for sending Sharon to us. 
Our daughter had a terrific time with her today on their outing in the city. 
She was very child-centered, attentive to and interested in our child. 
She is a terrific representation for you organization
and I wouldn’t hesitate to request her again when we’re back in Boston. 
Again, I appreciate your promptness in responding to me and for
providing such terrific service. 
Wished I could find a service like yours in Los Angeles ! 
Thanks again!
-Chloe, October 2009

Hi Jen
 Dorothy came and spent the day with Scott yesterday
and I can't tell you how happy we were with her.
  Scott had a great time all day and they seemed to genuinely enjoy each other's company. 
She is really wonderful, great personality and very lively,
a perfect match for Scott and for us.
Thanks so much again for referring us to her and her to us.
 Have a great day!
 -Dawn, October 2009

Dear Jennifer and Boston's Best Babysitters,
 We just wanted to drop a line about our fantastic experience with Meredith
that you may use on the website:
 Planning our trip to Boston to attend a conference, we were a little worried as to how we
would arrange for daycare for our daughter, just shy of 3 years old.
Our concerns quickly faded as we saw our little girl taking instantly to Meredith!
We were more than pleased with her care and impressed by her initiative and creativity.
We were especially touched by all the little details.
We highly recommend her and would use her services again.
 Thanks again,
 -Nina, September 2009

Hi Jennifer!
Hope all is well!
Just wanted to say Thank you for all of your assistance
in helping us secure a sitter for our girls. 
Aqua was wonderful!  The girls loved her.  
We hope she enjoyed her experience with them around town! 
If we are ever in the area again, (hoping for this December) 
we will definitely give you a call.
Thanks again for such great service and for recommending Aqua for our girls.
 Very Best Regards,
 -Heidi, September 2009

Hi Jennifer,
   Alyssa exhibited great patience with Noah and Luka.
  It worked out well.
  Thanks for making our trip to Boston easy.
 -Sheila, September 2009

Alyssa was fantastic! 
In this business, either you get it or you don’t...and Alyssa gets it. 
I had the pleasure of working with her on a group job for a Rosh Hashanah celebration,
and while all of the providers were great,
Alyssa demonstrated that she is in a league of her own
(It’s almost like she has eyes in the back of her head). 
She is also just as polite as she is a talented childcare provider.
-Priscilla, Founder Boston’s Best BabySitters, September 2009

Thanks Jen - Alyssa was great... she's Jack's new favorite. 
Shhhh - don't tell the others.
-Maureen, September 2009

Just wanted you to know how terrific Alyssa was. 
She is a lovely young woman...my kids adored her. 
She is appropriate in every way, and she even showed up fifteen minutes early. 
Thank you for sending someone so so wonderful!
-Allison, September 2009

 Thank you so much for your service!
Janice babysat for Cameron (age 3) and Stella (age 2) at Hotel 140 on August 22nd,
which happened to be Cameron's 3rd birthday.
Janice came equipped with toys, books,
and even a birthday present for Cameron (as well as Stella!). 
As someone who used to teach elementary school, I got a great feeling from Janice
right off the bat--we had no worries all night long and were able to have a fun night 
with dear friends, who we only see maybe once a decade,
and we would've never been able to have good, long conversations
with them if Janice hadn't have been with our kiddos. 
I couldn't say enough wonderful things about Janice.
She listened intently to all of our specifics about each child.
We called once while we were out to check in, and Janice gave us all the details
we needed to know our kids had adjusted to her just fine.
She asked all the right questions, even things we hadn't thought of,
and put our minds at ease. When we got there, the kids were happy and well cared for.
Thank you for providing such a wonderful, easy-to-use service! 
And a special thanks to Janice for making our night out on the town a possibility!
I hope you continue attracting people like Janice and your business booms and booms.
If you need a business partner for the San Francisco Bay Area please let me know!
 If we ever come to Boston again we will definitely use your service.
-Amie Tyler, September 2009

Hi Jennifer,
I wanted to follow up after our trip with two “big thumbs up” for Alyssa!
As you know, our older daughter has a chronic medical condition
and getting away can be difficult because we need a sitter who can take care of her

unpredictable situation as well as our other three children. 
Alyssa was great from start to finish, making my departure uneventful and taking care
of things when my daughter’s medical issue flared up the very next day. 
I think this email from my father to me says it all:
“I hope you are having fun and are not concerned about M. or things here.  
Allyssa is fantastic!!  Cool as a cucumber and totally capable. 
When we arrived at your house, the kids came bouncing out of the house
 and Allyssa was  all smiles and  very supportive...
be assured  that all is well”.  
With email and cell phones it is easy to be in touch even when overseas –
not so relaxing when on vacation - but after getting this email I felt comfortable
turning the phone off and letting Alyssa handle things. 
She was comfortable speaking with the doctors as well as scheduling activities
 for the other kids and she updated me daily by email.
She also followed our extremely complicated schedule
and got each of our four kids to each of their many activities without missing a beat.
My kids as well as the neighbors all loved Alyssa,
and I will definitely be calling for her again the next time I go away. 
Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to recommend her,
and thanks for the fine job you did in finding a sitter
that met our needs and did a fantastic job.
Take care,
-Nancy, August 2009

Hello Jennifer,
Just wanted you to know how pleased we all were with our sitter
 last weekend at the Langham.
I didn't have much contact with her but did speak to her briefly.
I was impressed with her cheerful nature and willingness to do whatever was needed.
She came prepared for everything from toys to swim wear and wedding wear.
I know that the children were happy with her and that our son and daughter-in-law
would not have been able to enjoy the wedding festivities without her.
Kristina Q gets high marks in our book.  Please thank her for us.
Thank you for your assistance in arranging for her.
-Cheryl Dutton, August 2009

Hi Jen,
The kids LOVED Sharon J and had a great time playing with her. 
What a treat for us!
Thanks again!
-Sarah, July 2009

Hello Jen! 
Just wanted to let you know that my children (ages 2 and 8)
had a blast with Erica this past Monday afternoon :-). 
I loved that she was prompt, professional, engaging, and truly enthusiastic about
spending a few hours with my we-have-been-in-a-hotel-room-for 4-days children. 
They played games in the room (musical instruments they both loved!),

had lunch in the hotel restaurant, and spent the remaining time splashing in the hotel pool. 
She was in no hurry to leave when we showed up at the pool to relieve her of her duties...
another great indication of what a professional she is! 
She even left stickers for my 2 year old to keep and decorate her stroller
and airplane seat with the next day on our trip back to Michigan.
I would highly recommend your service and especially Erica

to any of my friends/colleagues traveling in the Boston area. 
Again, thank you for so carefully and lovingly watching over my children!
-Kristin Kemppainen, July 2009

Hi Jen,
Thanks for all of your help. 
Laurel was adorable and my girls loved her enthusiasm  and energy. 
I appreciate your help and will forward on your site to my friends.
Enjoy a great summer!
-Tracy Gillette, June 2009

The Downs family LOVED Melissa so thank you thank you!  
Perfect night for all. 
Very Best,
-Mercer, June 2009

Katie was terrific.  Thanks so much for referring her to me. 

She did a wonderful job.
Thanks so much. 

The kids enjoyed her!
-Evelyn Chan, June 2009

Thanks for everything Jen ...Laura B worked out great for us!
We will certainly use you again...
-Paul, June 2009

Hi, Jennifer-
A friend of mine is going to call you tomorrow about part-time childcare options
for her twins (a boy and girl) for after July when she goes back to work.
I raved about you all today during a visit
with them and told her you can answer all her questions.
I also mentioned to her the services that Priscilla offers with newborn care.
-Sushama, June 2009

Hope Mark plays in Boston next season and we get to use your service again. 
Lorena was great with our daughter and made us feel very comfortable when we had to leave her. 

Thanks again!
-Kim, June 2009

I have to thank you for sending Kim P to help me with my
three children in Boston this past Saturday.
The kids loved her and I was very pleased. 
Thank you again, we had a very difficult weekend in Boston
in terms of unexpected events and Kim really helped and made it easier.
-Binca, June 2009

Hi Jennifer,
Sorry this message took a while. 
I had an exam at school when we returned from Boston
so my schedule has been a bit hairy. 
I did not want to pass up the opportunity to tell you how truly wonderful Melissa
was and how exceptional we think your agency is! 
We felt so comfortable leaving our daughter and really wish we had access to you guys year round. 
A fantastic job, really! 
We look forward to working with you again during our next Boston visit. 
My husband has conventions there yearly so now that I know we have a sitter,
my daughter and I will be tagging along for another duck tour.
All the best,
-Janice and John Shelton, April 2009

Dear Jennifer,
Please could you pass on our sincerest thanks to Katie for babysitting for Jack last week.
Sadly for Jack he slept through the whole experience and missed meeting Katie. 
Having never used this type of service before,
we were very reassured with Katie’s professionalism and calm confidence,
and we were very impressed overall by Boston’s Best Babysitters.
I hope we can return to Boston and use you again.
With best wishes to you and Katie.
-Anna Matthews, April 2009

I thought I would just let you know that Meredith has been terrific with Christopher. 
He really adores her, and lights up whenever she arrives. 
They seem to have a lot of fun together. 
She has really done a terrific job for us, thanks for getting us set up with her.
-Don, April 2009

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for introducing us to Melissa. 
She was wonderful and the boys loved her.  Theo asked if she could come over again!
-Shannon, February 2009

We’re so happy that Shandra is one of our Sunday morning regulars! 
She feels like part of the family, and the kids love her. 
Kristal has just joined us and she’s great too. 
Parents love having such good childcare providers.
We appreciate the attention and care you give to us. Thank you,
-Reverend David Horst, February 2009
First Parish

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to recommend Tara. 
She is the most wonderful babysitter you could imagine

and I give her my highest recommendations.
She has a very pleasant way about her, warm, caring and confident. 
The boys (then 8 months and almost 3 years) loved her from day one and still talk about her. 
I never had any qualms about leaving them with her

and more often than not she exceeded my expectations.
 I am by nature an overprotective mother

and have a tendency not to trustother people with my children. 

I never worried about the boys when Tara was around.
She took great care of them and had a magical way of getting them to behave
(most often better than myself). 
I could go on much longer but in Iceland we say that overpraise is mockery. 
You will find out for yourself how wonderful Tara is.
She has a very special place in our hearts.
-Björg Thorsteinsdottir MD, January 2009

Angela was great- on time and very nice. 
In the morning our daughter Madeleine announced that she wanted to "call Angela"! 
It was the first time she had been left with a baby sitter in a hotel.
Thanks and we will call you again the next time we are in town.
-Vanessa, January 2009

Thank you for arranging the greatest guest relation ambassadors for our event! 
Cara, Erica, Margarita and Shandra were extremely personable,
making sure each guest was tended to with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. 
We received several comments about the outstanding service they all provided. 
Sister Maryadele was extremely pleased and extends her gratitude as well. 
We will definitely request each of these girls for our future events!
-John Bello (Laboure Center’s Catholic Charities Division)
January, 2009