​​​​​​​Boston's Best BabySitters

Kara was absolutely amazing with our two children,
age 5 and a half and 21 months when she babysit for us last night. 
She immediately had them engaged in play and knew exactly how to relate to them
and make them feel comfortable with her. 

Incredibly, when we left to go out for the evening,

our 21 month old simply waved goodbye - something she has never done before
(usually saying goodbye is preceded by copious tears)! 
She gave them dinner, baths and put them to bed with minimal instruction,
and from the get go, my husband and I felt absolute confidence in her maintaining order
in a very gentle way.  We will definitely request her again when we contact the agency-
and would recommend her without reservation to another family seeking help!
-Melissa, December 2011

During out recent trip to Boston

we were lucky enough to have Randi babysit our son on two occasions. 

She was fantastic! 
She was engaging and playful and willing to take the time to take him out play. 
Of course he was thrilled.
Randi, we thank you so much for being so great to our son and us dung our trip.
-Kathy, Jeff and Sean (age 7) Donohoe, November 2011

  I just wanted to let you know that Melissa was excellent with our older son last week. 
We're looking forward to seeing her again on Wednesday evening!
-Sarah, October 2011

Our 2 year old girl just loves Margarita!  
Margarita walked into our hotel room with a bag of toys,

sat on the floor,and immediately engaged our little girl.  

The second night Margarita came,
as soon as she walked into the room, our girl said, "Margarita!"
Then she looked at me and said, "good bye, mommy", "good bye daddy." 
Our daughter was so looking forward to seeing Margarita again,
and was so obviously happy with her.
Thank you Boston's Best, we have always had good experiences

with all the babysitters in your service who have looked after our daughter.
-Kim, October 2011

I like to say a very special thank you to Meredith
for watching my 10-month old baby girl.  
Meredith came to the Hotel on time and was ready to work.  
She brought so many things with her, I couldn't believe it.  
She had her own toys, diapers and food; she was very prepared for any situation.  
Meredith watched my daughter while I attended an evening wedding, so all she had to
do was feed her and put her to bed, but Meredith did much more than that.
She gave her a bath, played with her, played her soft music and gave her gentle
body strokes to unwind.  Meredith also stayed later than what was expected,
I had text her and asked if she could stay later, it wasn't a problem. 
I would highly recommend Meredith to anyone looking
for a babysitter, she exceeded all my expectation.  
If I'm ever in Boston again, I will book Meredith again!  
Also a special thank you to Boston Best Sitters, you are a great service!
-Krista Sullivan, October 2011

Thanks for sending us AMAZING babysitters!!
One in particular stood out – I believe her name is Kathryn G. 
She engaged the children in ways I’ve never seen…
I actually had her transferred to our most hectic room

and within 5 minutes the room quieted down and the kids were all on the floor listening to her story

– playing games… WOW!!
-Shoshanah, October 2011

Our son has developed a biting problem lately,
so we were worried about whether he would attempt to bite Sandra. 
Thanks to Sandra's calm demeanor, he did not even try to do so. 
We've found that Sandra's relaxed personality and slow, quiet speech helps to counteract
our son's somewhat hyper nature and prevents him from misbehaving. 
He even stopped crying right away after I left the house last Friday -
whereas it usually takes several minutes for him to calm down with other sitters.  
 Thank you,
-Maria, October 2011

I just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed working with Leng on Sunday,
everything went really well.
She is a great person and I'm glad I got the chance to meet her.
-Nicole, October 2011

Thanks for sending Kat H to babysit our kids at the Boston Harbor Hotel on Sunday night.  
The girls got on with her like a house on fire, and she was all-around fantastic.  
When we're next up in the Boston area I'll be sure to give your company a call.
All the best,
-Ben, October 2011

I have been meaning to email you to say thank you. 
Melissa was absolutely wonderful and we plan on using her again when I am in Boston.
-Stacey Maman, September 2011

I just wanted to thank Kat G for taking wonderful care of our

9 month old sonJulian last weekend.  

Julian's father and I got married at a hotel in Boston

and Kat watched him both Friday night and most of Saturday.  

Julian hasn't spent much time with a babysitter but he took an instant liking to her.  

Kat was thrown right into the mix with
our family and friends which can be a bit overwhelming and was great.  
Thank you again!  All the best.  
-Leslie, September 2011

Thank you so much.

Leng was perfect.
If anybody needs a reference on the agency or Leng please let me know.
-Chris Hufferdine, September 2011

Dear Jennifer:
 My letter is written in great gratitude for your due diligence in finding
phenomenal caregivers and in much thanks to Erin for her kind hand and heart
in babysitting our daughter Ashley.    You should know that it was in our initial phone
 conversation that I well noted your professionalism yet uber kindness,
which drove me to pick you over one of your competitors.
  With Erin, you have a terrific caregiver, even of an infant. 
She was without question honest,professional and super kind. 
My husband and I could not have been more pleased and grateful.
  Please do share our letter with Erin. 
I reiterate that, you -the first line of marketing- sold me on your services. 
I did not care for the manner in which the one-other named sitter/nanny service
(provided by Gabriel at our hotel) spoke to me over the phone. 
There is a fine line between conveying a caring tone and professionalism;
you conveyed both.
In other words:  Your phone demeanor is far above the other!
Thank you, again, for your services during our stay in Boston. 
You "MADE" the trip for our family!
 As a former PR and marketing exec, I though it imperative I reiterate the above.
 Very truly yours,
-Meg & Alex Korakis, August 2011

We wish to contract with Boston's Best Babysitters for Sunday morning childcare
services for the 2011-12 church year at the First Parish in Malden. 
Our needs are the same as last year:
Two childcare providers every Sunday, one starting at 9 and the other at 10.
We've been very happy with your services.  I can only say fantastic things about Angela
who is a frequent sitter from Boston Best Babysitters.
-Eden, August 2011

Thank you again for your assistance.
Rae was wonderful; the boys lived spending the day with her. 
It was relief to know the kids were safe and having fun!
-Kyara Kahakauwila, August 2011

We had a great experience with Aqua. 
She was prompt, professional, and great with the boys. 
She brought a big bag of toys and kept them away from TV and other electronic devices. 
I would recommend her to anyone.
-Ruth, August 2011

Thank you for providing me with excellent childcare last week for my trip to Boston.
I am so glad I was able to go to the conference without being away from my little guy.
I am a frequent user of hotel babysitting (just in the last couple of months my work
has taken my infant and me to Toronto and Florida as well, and I am about to go to
Washington DC next week) and your sitting service is the best of the ones I have used,
and the most reasonably priced.  It was especially nice to have Kat watch Benjamin
for the second time in Benjamin’s short life. 
I’d definitely recommend her for the “preferred” level!
I’ll be in touch when I am back in Boston again—it will likely be within the year.
-Kosali, July 2011

We just wanted to call in and say what a sweetheart Ali was this weekend
while she sat for our 2 children at the Charles Hotel! 
She was so wonderful and was clearly very dedicated to provider great childcare. 
Thank you so much for sending her. 
Ali is so sweet and we would definitely use her again!
-Pam and Michael, July 2011

I just wanted to thank you for your assistance
and let you know just how great of an experience we had! 
Erin was just adorable – my 4 year old son fell madly in love with her
and still asks when he gets to see her again! 
She was so warm and totally comfortable with the kids.
She was also prompt, professional and very flexible. 
Driving to Ogunquit was above and beyond, and we appreciated it so much. 
We will be sure to be in touch next time we are in the area.
Thanks again!
 Best regards,
-Michelle McDermott, July 2011

Dear Boston's Best Babysitters,
Hi! My name is Jessica (I'm 11 years old).
A few weeks ago, we were in Boston and needed a babysitter for a few hours.
My mom showed me all of the bios and all of the babysitters seemed really nice.
My brother (he's 8) and I picked Randi.
When Randi came, she took us to go find a souvenir at the mall, ordered us dinner,
and we went swimming in the hotels pool!  We had a lot of fun that night.
After a couple minutes, I felt like she's been my babysitter for years!
Next time we go to Boston (hope it is soon......after all, I am almost at babysitting age),
I would definitely want Randi to watch us again.
My brother wanted to take her back home with us and I definitely did too!
I know my mom highly recommends Boston's Best Babysitters.
-Jessica, July 2011

Dear Jen and BBB,
My daughter wanted to write about her own thoughts on your company.
This was the first time we have ever hired a service to watch our kids.
I first spoke with the concierge at the Hotel we were staying at and they recommended BBB.
From my first conversation with Jen to the last conversation (thanking her) 
I felt they were very professional.  Jen was very accommodating and always very pleasant.
As for Randi, my husband and I spoke with her for a few minutes when she arrived
and a few minutes when she left.
Randi was also very professional and a sweetheart.
She made us feel as though she had as much fun being with my kids as they had with her.
They adored her and yes, my son did want to bring her back home.
I would like to add that this was a big deal for us because
my son has high functioning Autism.
Randi did great with him.
Thank You,
-Debbie, July 2011

Thank you very much for all your help!
Girls were really great! I want to say special thanks to Rae, she is amazing!
-Elena, July 2011

We were staying at XV Beacon and were in need of a sitter
for our 10-year-old son on short notice (about 2 hours). 
Randi provided the service with a smile and cheerful, assured demeanor
that gave us a confident feeling leaving our son with her in a strange city. 
We would certainly use her again and express our thanks for sending her to us.
-Kim and John Hartley, July 2011

Thanks so much!!!  
Ali was great.  The kids had fun.  And we had a perfect night out :-).
I so appreciate it!!
Thanks again!!
-Skye, June 2011

Just to say a huge thank you for arranging Kat to babysit our son Arlo-
it worked out really well and Arlo was really happy whilst he was with Kat-
she was very confident and we would recommend her to other parents.
Many thanks and Best Wishes,
-Kay, June 2011

Hi Jen:
Lindsay was great!
Thanks again – your services are invaluable.
-Lea & Ryan, June 2011

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for your service! Alice was great.
It was our first time leaving Arin with a babysitter, and she did so well with him.  
We will definitely recommend you guys to other people in Boston
and will keep you in mind the next time we're in town.
Thanks a lot!
-Roopa, June 2011

I just wanted to send you a quick note.  
Thank you for helping us find a babysitter in Boston. 
Everything worked out perfectly, and we really appreciated
the fast and professional service.  My wife and I really liked Lauren. 
She was prompt / experienced & very caring with the boys –
great to work with somebody so nice & qualified.  
-Carsten and Meaghan, May 2011

Thank you for referring Audrie to us!
My boys had a great time with her and want her to come back:)
Anyway, we appreciate your business!
-Yukiko, May 2011

Just wanted to email to say that Margarita was brilliant.
The children loved her.  I would highly recommend her to anyone I know.
Thanks again,
-June, May 2011

Thank you again so much for your great service this year.
Kat G was wonderful and Isaac just loved her.
We're back in Calgary now and he asked if Kat can babysit for him here too!
My husband qualified again for the marathon next year
so if we come back I'll be sure to contact you.
Thanks again,
-Jennifer, April 2011

Cristina is absolutely amazing.
She is exactly what I was looking for and I couldn't be happier.
It is a true pleasure to have her around and it feels like
she's already become part of my family.
She is truly wonderful.
Thank you very much,
-Romy, April 2011

Shauna has been such a wonderful addition to our family.
She is always understanding of last minute obligations and always flexible,
which helps so much with our very hectic lives.
When my husband is on the road, our boys need someone like Shauna
around to be both active and engaging to make the days go by quickly.
 And they LOVE playing street hockey with her!
-Intercon Resident, March 2011

Meredith has been working in our nursery care on Sunday mornings at our church.
The children feel very safe with her and loved. 
She is very responsive to children's needs in terms of emotional comfort,
desire for play and safety.  Meredith is fun and willing to play a game,
make crafts, draw, read or cuddle and rock children. 
She is resourceful, responsible and prompt.
We highly recommend her.
-Alyson, March 2011

I have a 6-month-old baby and have been a stay-at-home Mom in that time.
Due to injury, we hired Thaty from your agency, and she was the first
non-family/friend babysitter that we have had. 
Well, I couldn't have asked for a better first babysitter!
She dove right in and learned how to feed my cleft palate baby.
I loved watching them interact, play, and hearing my daughter's giggles! 
My daughter has advanced motor skills, and Thaty happily
let her walk all over the house, teaching her to turn corners,
and showing her how to support herself in a variety of new positions.
Thaty also happily took my daughter to her music class, and they had a great time.
I am sorry to let her go back to her regular Nanny clients.
Thank you for sending me such a great person, especially as my very first babysitter.
-Danielle and Raya, March 2011

Dear Jen, just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your assistance
with babysitters while in Boston.  All were fabulous and in particular Thaty
went out of her way to make Natalie and Emily feel at home and provide Natalie
with many interesting activities and we were very impressed. 
Sorry we are still traveling and hence have had difficulty getting
back to you but once back in Australia next week will send on some formal letters. 
With best wishes,
-Elizabeth, March 2011

Hi Jenn,
Hope you are well! 
Wanted to touch base with you and let you know how much we really like Thaty;
Thank you again for referring her to us – we have needed to replace
our other nanny for a long time and she seems like a great match!
-Ann, March 2011

I just wanted to email you to say that Lois was just wonderful
 last Sunday and last night.  The girls loved her, especially my eldest. 
She's fun and focused on playing and interacting. 
It really made our trip to be able to have a couple
of nights out knowing the girls were in her capable hands.
Next time we are over we'll hope to have Lois mind the girls again.
It has just been a great experience dealing with you.
You have such a reassuringly professional
process in terms of being able to select a preferred sitter, etc.
I have recommended BBB to all my Boston based friends.
Take care and thanks again,
-Triona, March 2011

We wanted to write and let you know what an outstanding job Jen
did last night with our girls.  When Jen arrived she instantly built a rapport
with our four-year-old Maddie, made dinner for her,
participated in a "dance party" and got her into bed seamlessly. 
Our newborn, Olivia, has a cold, but Jen was undeterred and did a fantastic job
 caring for her during the night.  She did a great job balancing the needs of both girls
and Maddie is excited to see her in a few weeks.
 Thank you,
-Suzanne, February 2011

Thanks so much! 
Kat H was WONDERFUL and she and my daughter hit it off like gas and a match! :-) 
I will definitely use your service again and I've already told a couple of friends as well!
Thanks again, you made a great evening possible!!
-Christa Burgin, February 2011

Thank you for your help in getting good and reliable babysitters
on my recent business trip to Boston with my 6 year old daughter. 
Although the service has an expensive up-front fee,
I found the service to be good, the sitters responsible,

timely and nice and the whole operation was a success. 
Marcie took my daughter swimming in the hotel pool and they had fun.  
Kristal took my daughter to the aquarium and the children's museum and they also had fun. 
I felt my child was safe and was also having fun---that let me go to my meetings.
 In sum, although it was expensive, the service delivered was excellent. 
I would use the service again and either of these nannies.
-Ted, February 2011

Sharon J is a wonderful person and an awesome nanny. 
She was our temporary nanny for 6 weeks and I can not say enough great things
about what a fabulous job she did caring for my 3 month old son. 
She was always on time and very flexible with my schedule. 
As a nervous first time mother, I felt confident leaving my son
in her care from the first day.  In addition to her professionalism,
I could tell that she truly cared about my son and enjoyed
the time she spent with him. 
I wish I could have brought her with me to London!
Happy New Year!
-The Curry Family, January 2011

Hi Jennifer,
I have been meaning to write for a few weeks now.
I was very impressed with my experiences with Thaty,
when she took care of my two young children the week after Christmas. 
The moment I met her, I could tell she has a real love for children,
 and has found her vocation as a caregiver.
She came to our home for three days, and immediately stepped into the family.
The kids, 13 months and 3 1/2, warmed to her immediately, and on the second evening,
my daughter started crying when Thaty had to leave.
She asked great questions, brought along activities for the children,
and left clear notes for me so that I knew everything they had done during the day.
She handled everything very responsibly, but reached out as needed
for questions about food and naps.  She is very smart, kind, personable.
I would recommend her highly to anyone who is interested in having her care
for their children, especially in a long term position.
A few additional notes - on the third evening,
I came home to a dance party, with a CD that Thaty had made just for my children.
Incredibly thoughtful.  The next day, as I was getting my son dressed,
I saw that she had sorted and folded his clothes drawers.
Incredibly unexpected and thoughtful.
Thank you, and I will be sure to reach out to you the next time I need help,
when traveling for work or when my daycare is closed.
-Etain, January 2011

Just wanted to say Clara was excellent! 
She got into the work very smoothly, as though she knew the house and the kids already.  
She was very sweet to them and they warmed up to her very quickly. 
Thanks for sending her over and we'd be happy to have her back again anytime.
I also should mention Jen was also great when she came on 12/31. 
She was very eager to help and clearly knew how to handle the baby very well. 
-Gigi, January 2011

  Thaty was wonderful, we are so glad that we picked her to take care of our little one. 
She knows what she is doing;
she is very attentive and focused on the baby and on the baby only. 
She left us notes of the feeding, how he acted, how he slept and so forth. 
I would definitely recommend her to my friends.
Thank you all.
-Luana, January 2011

Just wanted to drop a note, belatedly, to say thank you
for all of your help over the holidays.
 The kids were very psyched to see Mary when she came to babysit
and they had a really great time with her. 
And Erin was fantastic - she really is the new Tara -
calm, creative, responsible,
flexible and proactive.  A real star.
 Happy new year to you!
 -Susan, January 2011

Your agency is SUPER and I would be glad to be part
of any reference or PR event you engage.
 I send my best wishes for peace and joy and satisfactions aplenty in the new year.
-Margaret, January 2011

Hi Jen,
Thanks for the referral of Lois. She was great!
Happy New Year,
-Michie (Back in Chicago), January 2011

Dear Jennifer and BBB!
 Happy New Year to all of you!
We thank you for being so amazing to our guests –
keeping them more than happy each and every time.
 As a person who has used BBB before, I rave about it all the time –
keep up the amazing work in 2011!
-Thomas (lead concierge Nine Zero Hotel),  January 2011

Just wanted to send a note to say thanks again
for everything this past weekend in Cambridge. 
You were great and the kids had a great time withyou. 
If you ever need a reference, please let us know and we'd be happy to oblige. 
If you are ever in the Nashville, TN area and needsome pocket money,
we'd love to have you here to watch the kids.
Thanks again,
-Brig, January 2011

Dear Erin, Thanks for everything!
We are on plane headed back to California.
Hope you have a lovely trip and great next semester.
Our trip was a success thanks to experiences like your presence and 
ease with children and crying babies:-)
Good luck to you!
Most warmly,
-Rebecca, January 2011