​​​​​​​Boston's Best BabySitters

Thaty was great!
We will definitely be in touch to work with her again the next time we're in Boston.
Thanks again for everything.
-Sarah, December 2012

I wanted to let you know how much Luke loved having Kate watch him! 
He can sometimes take a little while to warm up,
but he immediately got comfortable and she even got him down for a nap! 
Thank you!
-Michelle, December 2012

Just wanted to let you know that Thaty was a great first experience with BBB.
She was very professional- on time, polite, knowledgable.
My son had just woken up grumpy when she arrived and she did a great job
of getting him to warm up to her.
It was a relaxing evening knowing he was comfortable and in good hands.
Thank you!
-Valerie, November 2012

Provider's Name : Christina
Venue of Service : Sheraton
Date(s) of Service : 11/14-16/2012
Comments : Christina came prepared with a list of field trip options.
Each day was filled with an educational activity.
She also helped ensure our son completed a bit of homework
to include both math and writing.
-Angela Vento, November 2012

Provider's Name: Danielle
Venue of Service : Sheraton
Comments : Danielle arrived with games, activities and ideas.
She offered a nice balance of structure.
During the visit, my son lost an important item and was very upset.
Danielle stayed calm and truly turned the situation into a positive.
It was great to come home and see the two engaged in a game of Connect Four
-Angela Vento, November 2012

Provider's Name : Shauna
Venue of Service : Sheraton
Date(s) of Service : 11/8-9/2012
Comments : Shauna was great. My son appreciated how active they were.
They visited the Science Museum, played soccer and sent quality time at Boston Common.
It was a great experience.
I fully understand why Shauna is "a most requested" sitter.
She does a great job.
-Angela Vento, November 2012

We have had Leng babysit for us a number of times.
She is, hands down, my son (age 7) and daughter's (age 5) favorite babysitter. 
She has a lovely way of engaging them right off the bat in activities
(she has a Mary Poppins quality bag full of small blocks
and games that she always brings with her). 
She's also extremely responsible - meals, clean-up, bedtimes always happen on time. 
I highly recommend her as a babysitter.
-Susan, November 2012

I wanted to let you know that Sandra was great and the kids loved her. 
If we stay in Boston again, I will absolutely ask for her. 
She was smart, sweet, energetic and she arrived with stuff for the kids. 
This was the first time we ever used a babysitting service at a hotel and I think I'm hooked. 
We will be staying in NYC in December for a couple of days and I would like to use your services again.
Thank you again and we will stay in touch.
-Adriana Delaney, November 2012

Provider's Name : Gretchen
Venue of Service : Liberty Hotel
Date(s) of Service : 10/29/2012
Comments : Gretchen was prompt,
extremely friendly and right away bonded with our 17 month old daughter.
We had no hesitation leaving for dinner and know next time we are in town,
we will ask for Gretchen again to watch our little girl.
-Darcy Lambert, October 2012

We were in Boston in June this year and had Dorothy
booked for four days as a carer for our son.
Will has special needs, he does not communicate verbally and has many medical issues.
Dorothy instilled confidence in us to leave Will with her from day 1.
Dorothy and Will got on like a house on fire and they had great adventures
around Boston together, especially on the trains.
We would not hesitate to book Dorothy again (or fly her to wherever we are holidaying).
Having her help and support reduced our stress and gave us the ability to explore Boston.
Forever grateful.
-Kris Pierce, Melbourne Australia 2012

Hi Jennifer,
We just wanted to drop you a quick line to say 'thank you' for your services
and that we were extremely happy with Sandra.
She was very professional, on time, prepared with activities,
and quick to strike a friendship with our daughter Myla.
We'll definitely use BBB next time we're in the Boston area
and will recommend you to our friends as well.
Best regards,
-Andrea & Hernan, October 2012

Just wanted to let you know that Vanessa was wonderful,
put us totally at ease and took great care of Lily.
Many thanks!
-K Stowe, October 2012

Venue of Service : Liberty Hotel
Date(s) of Service : September 7th
Meredith provided such loving care to our 9-month old daughter Alexis.
She took Alexis to the the park and museum,
both of which Alexis enjoyed judging from all of the pictures Meredith took.
Seriously, Meredith took 50 some photos of Alexis. Thanks Meredith!
-Eric Mersch, September 2012

Peggy and Andrea took care of my son Julien over the couple of days that I was in Boston.
They were *wonderful*!
Absolutely wonderful.
Thank you very much for your assistance!
I will definitely be in touch the next time I need a babysitter in Boston!
-Lisa Butler, September 2012

Gretchen babysat for our 3 year old on several occasions. 
She has always been professional; very warm and our son loves playing with her.
We look forward to Gretchen's next visit.
-R.S., September 2012

 From the first email to when we said good bye to Thaty,
your service and her care were phenomenal. 
You responded to my request promptly with wonderful sitter options
 and set my mind at ease that I would have someone experienced caring
for my son while I attended our friends' wedding.
 Thaty was fantastic, she was patient with us (the parents) and she was a doll with Miles (child). 
We couldn't have asked for better care for Miles in a strange place. 
He woke up happy and rested thanks to Thaty.
 I already wrote a review on your site,
but if you would like me to rate you on other places,
please let me know.
-Kimberly, September 2012

Thaty cared for our 9.5 month old son expertly.
She came prepared with appropriate toys and books.
Thaty eased into getting acquainted with Miles slowly and he appreciated

the extra time to get to know her.
When things were tough (Miles was hungry and crying),
Thaty knew to let me know to come upstairs to breast feed him.
She put him to sleep soundly. 
She patiently sat in the dark room while he snored away.
Our child woke up in a great mood the next morning

thanks to the wonderful care he received the night before.
-Kimberly, September 2012

Thaty was a great babysitter.
We came from Switzerland with our 8 month baby for a couple of days to Boston.
We had a bit of apprehension on how our son would react to a foreign person
in a foreign country and in a foreign hotel environment.
Thaty did a great job from the beginning.
Our son did accept her upfront and we could leave the room in confidence.
When we came back, our son was very enthousiastic and laughing with Tha
as they would know each other since a long time.
Thaty is very friendly, and one can feel that she really loves babys and knows how to handle them.

She  is also very professional, and had a lot of very good questions on what to do to best help
our son on topics like food, sleep and play.
We highly recommend Thaty as a babysitter and would take her any time back,
should we be in Boston again.
-Patrick, August 2012

I wanted to put in a great review for Sandra Lee
who sat for our 8 year old last week August 23 at the Hyatt. 
Sandra arrived early with various activities in hand,
was very responsive in our communications when we were out,
and did a great job (according to our inquiries with Jonah the next morning). 
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her!
-Chris, August 2012

Hi Jennifer,
I've been meaning to email you sooner, but the summer has been quite busy.
We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Boston the weekend of July 20th
and Gina was sent to watch our 18 month old daughter Emma.
We were so hesitant about hiring a babysitter thru an agency,
but being able to read about your providers was a huge help.
Once Gina arrived, all of our hesitations were put to rest immediately.
We could tell right away that she was going to be perfect.
Her bright and cherry, yet calm demeanor was exactly what we were looking for.
Not only did our daughter not shed a tear when we left the room,
she had a fantastic time playing with Gina the entire evening.
Gina was nice enough to walk Emma thru the Boston Common
park where she had fun looking at the ducks.  She even fell asleep in her lap.
I would highly recommend Gina to anyone.
We will look forward to another visit to Boston next summer
and will surely be calling for Gina again.
-Tricia and Kevin Cooper, August 2012

Sharon was a great "Lead Nanny!"
Sometimes Lead Nannies can get a little bossy and controlling
of the other nannies but Sharon did a wonderful job of stepping in the lead role
and guiding the group and managing everything,
while still being super nice to all the other girls and respecting
our capabilities and duties as well.
So, super job to Sharon on this Group Army job too!!!
-Randi, July 2012

Field Trip Queen Earns 5 Stars!  
Just had to write-in to say how truly appreciative we are of Shauna
for taking care of our boys and showing them a spectacular time around Boston last week! 
Not only did she show-up at our hotel with a huge smile and great attitude,
she was armed with dozens of field trip ideas so that our boys, ages 11y and 8y,
didn’t have to stay cooped-up in the hotel for the entire week. 
While my husband and I were at a week-long conference,
Shauna took the boys on a boat ride around the harbor, walked the Freedom Trail with them,
brought them to the North End for some historic Italian pastries and pizza
and even took them to the beach to swim and play sports! 
Our boys had more fun during our one-week trip to Boston
than they did the entire summer at camp last year! 
We all highly recommend Shauna to any family traveling to Boston,
and thank you Boston’s Best BabySitters for making this happen!
-Mary Joe, July 2012

A few weekends ago, we hired Rae to watch our two kids,
ages 5.5 and almost 3 years old, at a hotel while we attended a wedding reception.
She arrived energetic and smiling,
despite having been stuck in traffic down to the South Shore.
She was very prepared, asked brief important questions,
allowing us to get out the door quickly.
The kids had a BLAST with her.
They ventured out for dinner, went swimming, and enjoyed playing with her.
It's not easy to have two kids in a hotel,
but we were so relaxed knowing Rae was a pro at just that! 
We are SO glad to have tried out your service and to have booked Rae.
In fact, several of our family members who had "friends of friends" watch their kids
at the same hotel spent a lot time exchanging texts all evening with their sitters.
Not us, we could enjoy the party and not worry about
what was happening back at the hotel.
Thanks so much! 
We are definitely fans of BBB, and will be using your service again
when we come back to Boston (hopefully booking Rae again too!). 
-Renee, July 2012

Another great job by providers that I already knew and by providers I just met...
A quick note to let you know how great Randi and Andrea were!
I had never worked with them before, and they were terrific to work
with & amazing with the kids!
Same goes for Dorothy and Alex, whom I've worked many times with--
terrific to work with and amazing with the kids!
-S Jones, July 2012

Provider's Name : Meredith
Venue of Service : Boston Harbor Hotel
Date(s) of Service : March 30 & 31
Meredith was on time, completely prepared with supplies,
and had a quiet confidence that can only come with experience. 
Our 7 month old loved Meredith!
She was very polite, asked informed questions,
and made sure we felt at ease leaving her with our baby.
When plans changed on the second evening, she was very flexible and accommodating.
My only negative is that we couldn't bring Meredith back to Indiana with us!
-Jacqueline, July 2012

This was our first time using a babysitting service
and having our daughter cared for by someone we did not know. 
We were so pleased and gratified by our experience with Sandra. 
She was on time, brought a huge bag of books, toys, crafts and games
with her and connected with our daughter immediately. 
As soon as Sandra arrived in the room, she focused on our daughter
and presented as truly interested in and engaged with her. 
My only complaint is that is was hard for our daughter to adjust to "regular"
babysitters back home - Sandra is a hard act to follow! 
We have used Sandra on two different visits to Boston
and look forward to having her babysit for us again.
-Back Bay Hotel, June 2012

Dear Jennifer,
Just a quick note of appreciation for Lois:
She was incredibly professional, and also caring and sweet to Noemie.
Under her watch, Noemie was able to acquire a day time schedule of good sleep,
and made amazing progress as a little human being.
I found working with Lois very easy and smooth.
She has the right balance of firmness (with Noemie, with the mom!) and flexibility,
and as a first time mom I found this both reassuring and pleasant.
I was also impressed by her incredible work ethic,

as she was using every instant of Noemie's nap to work for you!

(but Noemie's care was always her priority).
-Esther, June 2012

This is just a quick note of appreciation for Niki.
Noemie ended up being a very easy baby at night, as she pretty much
learned to fall back quickly to sleep after eating, before Niki arrived,
and was able to do full nights reasonably soon afterwards.
But despite that, I did not regret for one second having Niki there at night.
She helped Noemie falling asleep in the evening,
kept a watchful eye on her during the night, which, I believe,
helped Noemie transition to full night sleep very quickly and easily.
Niki was able to  identify whether she really needed to eat or just needed reassuring.
In the morning, she played with her until the rest of the family woke up,
and she identified which toys she liked best.
She was incredibly nice and loving to Noemie at all times,
and is evidently someone who loves children and her job.
I hope to be able to continue working with her from time to time as the need arises.
(PS: in addition she went over and beyond the call of duty

by arranging an entire consignment of children clothes that had arrived for Noemie!)
Best regards,
 -Esther, June 2012

I just wanted to let you know that Peggy was wonderful!
Tafari enjoyed her company very much!
And I look forward to having her again for next time!
Thanks so much,
-Nancia, June 2012

Hi, we have been using Boston's Best Babysitters for several years now
on our semi-annual trips to Boston to see family.
On our most recent trip, we stayed at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square, and Randi
sat for our 11 year old son, Christopher several times.
She was fun, reliable, and did a great job entertaining Christopher,
who at 11 thinks he's too old/cool for a sitter.
She did a great job of making him feel as if she wasn't really "babysitting",
but keeping him company while his parents were out for a few hours!
This is a great company to work with, and next time we are up from Florida,

we will definitely call BBB and ask for Randi!
-Melissa Corley, May 2012

Peggy, we wanted to thank you so much for Sunday. 
The kids adored you and had the most wonderful day!!! 
You made the weekend so special for them (and so easy for us). 
We hope to return to Boston and when we do, we hope you will babysit f
or us again!!
 Thanks again!!!!
-Melissa Keller, May 2012

Audrey loved Dorothy and enjoyed her big bag of arts and crafts! 
The weather wasn't great during our brief stay in Boston,
but Audrey still didn't mind being cooped up in the hotel with Dorothy for company. 
My daughter actually asked me to go to my conference for an extra day
so she could spend some extra time with her new friend! 
We'll be sure to give you a ring when we drop by Boston again for a short visit. 
Thanks for your help!
-Maria, May 2012

Hey Jennifer!
The kids loved Melissa and we will definitely be requesting her again!
Thank you again for all your help! 

You guys are wonderful and I will be in touch over the next couple of days

to set up the kids next evening with Melissa!
-Christie, May 2012

Hi Jennifer!
Thanks so much.  We love LOVE Lois. 
She is great with the kids and just so on top of everything. 
I am so happy you put us together! 
We'd love to have her back for Fridays after her other contract is done. 
Thanks for sending us such great people!
-Alicia, May 2012

Nicolette was an amazing sitter.
With us having 3 boys- Rowan 3, Rydan 2, and an infant 9 months, Randon,
it's hard to find a sitter who can balance the energy of three boys!
She was amazing, provided props, sang songs did bubbles and the boys loved her!
I came home and they were relaxed and excited to see her again the next night.
Thanks Nicolette!
-Pattiann McADams, April 2012

Kristal was such a big help.
She played with the boys, fed my infant,
 and made it easy to go and cheer my husband who was running the Boston Marathon.
What a great day for all.  Thanks Kristal!
-Pattiann McADams, April 2012

Hi Jennifer.
I just wanted to let you know how great Lara was.
She was very punctual and came prepared with activities.
The boys loved her as did we.
Thank you for helping us with the babysitting and should we visit Boston again,
we will certainly call you.
-Donna, April 2012

Jennifer --
Just wanted to thank you so much for your help connecting us
with Jill for Saturday afternoon in Needham.  She was absolutely perfect!
She was punctual, friendly, incredibly competent and just fit right in with
what we needed her to do.  We had a very quick turnaround time between when
we arrived in Needham and had to leave for the funeral, but in just a few
minutes she was oriented and I felt comfortable leaving the house. 
My parents were thrilled with her, too!
If we are in Needham again and in need of a babysitter I would very much
like to contact you again to arrange to have Jill help us out.  In the
meantime, THANK YOU again for your quick help.  It made a world of
difference to us to be able to go to the event on Saturday knowing that
Eleanor was in such good hands.
Thanks again!
-Suzy Le Boutillier, April 2012

Hey Jennifer!
Everything went great on Saturday and Kristal was wonderful!
The kids absolutely loved her! 
I was worried because they really haven't been left with a sitter much.
Thank you again for all your help and the whole process ran so smoothly!
Hope you had a great Easter!!
-Christie, April 2012

Dear Jen,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for sending Kat over Friday night.
She was incredibly helpful --
very sweet and fun with the kids and just a delight to have as part of our seder.
I don't have her email but I hope you can pass on to her:
we had a second seder Saturday night
(much smaller) and Sam was making nametags and made one for "Cat".
I told him Kat wasn't coming and he was *very* disappointed.
So I reassured him we would find another time to get together with Kat again soon;
and hopefully we will! The kids loved her and would love to see her again!
All the best
-Amy, April 2012

Hi...just have to give kudos to a few great nannies-
everyone is terrific, but have have to mention these 3...
 First, Lois...she is doing a wonderful job with everything!!!
 I honestly can't say enough how great she worked with everyone today,
and what a great job she did with everything!!! 
I told her how wonderful it was working with/for her...
and just have to let you know the same.
 Secondly, Jillian is awesome...I know she just started, but you would never know it.
She was so wonderful with the kids, and a pleasure to work with.
 Finally, although I did not work directly with Niki (she was with the infants),
I did have a chance to watch her work briefly and I have to say the same as I said about Jillian...

wonderful with the infants, and a pleasure to work with.
 All 3 not only work hard, but have a great way with all the kids, and terrific to work with.
 That being said, thank you for all the YOU do...as well!
-Sharon, March 2012

Dear Jen,
I realized that I have never sent a thank you and recommendation for your service,
after Clara looked after Zoe in September last year. 
Having now used a number of babysitting agencies around the world,
I would like to commend you on the professionalism, care and attention you provided. 
I received a personalised service and Clara was a wonderful baby sitter to Zoe (9 months).
 Clara looked after Zoe for two long days while I worked.
I was immediately at ease when we met. 
Clara engaged Zoe straight away and I was confident in leaving Zoe in her care. 
All of Zoe's needs were met, Clara even got Zoe to nap, despite her jet lag.
Clara had a very caring and nurturing nature, with both myself,
as an anxious parent leaving their child, and with Zoe.
I would highly recommend her.
Thank you again,
-Meredith James, February 2012

Hi Jennifer,
I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with Kara.
She watched my 3 boys (ages 5, 4, and 1) for 2 nights in January 2012.
She arrived promptly and both the children and I felt at ease with her almost immediately. After the first night, they were asking the next day when she was coming back,
and they were so happy when I said that very evening.
They enjoyed the books and toys that she brought with her as well.
It is not easy taking care of 3 young boys, but Kara did it without a problem at all!
We will definitely request her in the future.
Thank you again,
-Melissa Leonard, February 2012

 Jess was perfectly on time and arrived with a warm and welcoming smile
to both the children.  She was very professional, listened to all instructions,
asked questions and was all set for the evening with my 7 and 6 year old.
I did not have very much time to show her around and let her know what I needed

but I left the house feeling confident that my children were in good hands and all would be just fine. 
I called her later on to ask if she could stay a bit longer and she was just fine with that

and made me feel at ease about enjoying my evening a little bit longer.
I would recommend Jess, her calm and professional attitude is fantastic.
-Stephanie, January 2012

FYI: Dorothy was great once again! 
We look forward to seeing her again in the near future!
-Richard, January 2012