Thanks so much for organizing Linda to care for Brooklyn on NYE. 
She was incredible, gentle, patient and really wonderful at making Brooklyn and us at ease.
-Kate, December 2013

Provider's Name : Georgie
Venue of Service : Colonnade Hotel
Date(s) of Service : 11/3/13
Comments : Georgie was great!
She was very professional and came prepared for a toddler
and my daughter really enjoyed their time together.
-Kathryn Akeah, December 2013

Provider's Name : Peggy
Venue of Service : Colonnade Hotel
Date(s) of Service : 11/4-11/5
Comments : My daughter had a great time with Peggy.
We rented a stroller and Peggy walked all around town with her.
We were in town for a conference and I think that my 2 year old got to see more of the city than me!
It was great and Peggy was very professional and fun.
This was my first time in Boston and this service made it a great trip!
I felt very comfortable with the providers and the level of service.
Thank you, I will definitely request Peggy again if I get another chance to come to Boston.
-Kathryn Akeah, December 2013

THANK YOU to Margarita!
Margarita took care of my little Finn just over a week ago while we attended a concert.
She came early and went straight to him with a great big smile and open arms. 
At 9.5 months, he's just figuring out the concept of "kisses" and,
therefore, hands them out sparingly. 
Just before we left, I asked him if he'd like to give Margarita a kiss. 
He leaned-in close, giving her a big open/wet baby smooch! 
At that moment, I knew we had nothing to worry about! 
Margarita has a calm, reassuring maternal energy about her,
and she never even complained that our dogs hung-out with her all night. 
(And by hung-out, although she didn't say so,
I'm fairly certain they both insisted on sitting in her lap whenever possible.)
-Jennifer (owner BBB), November 2013

Provider's Name: : Amy
Venue of Service: : Westin Waterfront Hotel
Date(s) of Service: : November 14
Amy was wonderful with our 9 year old daughter,
took her swimming in the pool, played games with her.
Our daughter wanted her to come back every night!
Amy is a lovely woman and I would highly recommend her.
-Allison, November 2013

Date(s) of Service : 10/23-25/2013
Vanessa was wonderful with our children. She was professional, warm and friendly.
She took them on public transportation to Boston Museums each day.
They had a wonderful time with her. She's energetic and fun!
We all felt like we had known her forever.
I highly recommend Vanessa and Boston's Best Babysitters!
-Lynne Diedrich, November 2013

Hi Jen, I'm writing to share positive feedback re my first experience with BBB last weekend.
My husband and I came to town for a wedding and stayed at the Hotel Langham on Saturday.
The concierge was very helpful in connecting me with your company and helping me understand
the process (specifically David, whom I introduced myself to while we were there).
 It would be the first time we left our 3 month old daughter in someone else's care.
We were paired with Sharon and it was very helpful to read her detailed profile
and see pictures of her on your website.
Sharon was fantastic.
She came early and we had a nice overlap to make sure our daughter was comfortable.
Sharon is so personable I could have talked with her for hours.
She was terrific with our daughter, comforting her right from the beginning,
reading stories, showing her the lights, curtains, windows, etc.
She provided text updates throughout the evening.
To top it off, our daughter slept a full 9 hours that night, the longest stretch she's ever had.
We credit Sharon with the magical touch.
Thanks so much,
-Annemarie Reed, October 2013

Thank you so much for recommending Nicole today.
She is super sweet and super smart; truly a rare combination in 2013!
After she left, my children begged me to have her come again soon!!
I look forward to sending you more jobs next week.
-Stacey, October 2013

We had an awesome experience with Sandra & your services!
We really enjoy Sandra; she is a great fit for us!
-D, October 2013
As the owner of Boston's Best BabySitters, I had my choice of top providers
to care for my infant son at a very important family function, and I chose Nicole H.
Nicole was prompt, personable and professional, arriving early at our out-of-state venue
with a large nanny bag full of age-appropriate toys and a great big smile! 
As I was otherwise engaged with ~150 friends and family members,
Nicole was forced to blend-in and mingle with our party until I could greet her.
What a great job she did! 
Nicole was dressed perfectly for our late summer formal party and successfully
navigated the crowd until it was time to bring Fionnley next door to our room,
where she took excellent care of him! 
She fed him, got him in his jammies, played with him
and put him to bed with great ease
like only a professional, skilled and confident caretaker could. 
I had no time to give her direction; she just got things done!
(Although I was a busy host that evening, Finn has many "aunties" who periodically
 checked-in on him, and each one reported that Nicole was fantastic!)
Nicole is a sweet and gifted childcare provider. 
Any family would by lucky to have her care for their children!
-Jennifer, August 31st 2013

Hi! A quick note to let you know how great it was working with Robin.
I am always early for my jobs, and she was there before me!
The minute the first child walked in to the room, she immediately went over to her.
And she was great with all of the kids!!!
She was also wonderful to work with...kind, responsible, hard working and fun. :)
-Sharon, October 2013

Robin is working-out great!!
She is on-top of things and genuinely seems to be enjoying herself!
-Jeff, September 2013

As always, thank you for your flexibility!
I recommend your service all the time.
You have been a life saver to us as city people that don't have an easy network for accessing sitters!
-Richard, September 2013

Provider's Name : Kristen
Venue of Service : our home
Date(s) of Service : August 13-23
Kristen is truly fantastic.
She spent all day with our 2-year-old son for nearly two weeks, and he had the time of his life.
He still talks about her affectionately and includes her in his
bedtime "goodnight" song reserved for his grandparents and best friends. (:
She was extremely flexible, even as my husband and I were in and out of the house with our work.
She has a real gift of steadiness -- nothing phased her (important with a toddler!),
and I never worried about his well-being.
She came in, took over, and made everyone happy!
We hope to use her again soon -- she really has a gift for this work, and we're so grateful.
-Leah Young, September 2013

Just wanted to let you know that Ethan had a great day with Vanessa.  
Thank you so much for arranging it
-Stacy, August 2013

I am sorry for the delay in providing you with some feedback on our sitter Lindsay,
but I am only just back in the UK having had to go over to
mainland Europe on the day of our return from the US.
We just wanted to let you know that we though Lindsay was absolutely super.
Punctual, polite, professional, easy to get on with and the boys really liked her.
She even laughed at my jokes!
She is a very big plus for your organisation.
Kind regards,
-Mike, August 2013

Provider's Name: Jess M
Date of Service: 19-30 August 2013
Jess looked after our 6-year old and 8-year old for 2 weeks while we attended orientation.
What really impressed me, was that she kept them busy for the whole day,
when we would arrive home at the end of a long day, they'd be happy,
still playing and doing things with her.
She was a pleasure to have around and it was nice to hand over responsibility for our kids -
by the way, she always arrived promptly -  knowing that they would have a fun day in her care.
-Leonie & Greg Marinovich, August 2013

I had a 640 am flight.
Sharon showed up a few minutes early and was a lot more awake and happy than I was at 520 am!
She did a great job quickly getting some direction from me
and took care of things beautifully until our regular nanny arrived at 9.
-Matt, August 2013
Robin baby-sat our almost three year old son Ben while we were in Boston.
He had a great time!
Robin had a wonderful manner with him and he took to her right away.
Given that Ben was already so far out of his comfort zone
I expected a horrible meltdown when we left.
Instead there were a few tears and then Robin sent me a text about ten minutes later
with a picture of Ben happily playing with the Jenga sticks Robin brought.
 Robin also rode the escalators with Ben for a long time, his favorite Boston activity!
I felt very good leaving Ben with Robin, she did a wonderful job.
My husband had to come back while Robin was there.
We had two adjoining rooms and Robin and Ben were in the other.
My husband heard Robin patiently explaining to Ben that it was time to get out of the bathtub.
It was great that we got to “hear” her in action!
 We would definitely use Robin again. She’s great!
 Thanks for all of your help.
-Virginia, August 2013

This is quite a delayed message.
My husband and I used your services while attending a wedding in Boston on New Years Eve.
I just wanted to let you know how very pleased
we were with the care and attention our daughter received.
Gina did an absolutely amazing job and I just wanted to say thank you so much!
We recently had a babysitting service in Florida that did not go as well
and it made me realize just how great of a job your company and Gina did.
Thank you again!
All the best,
-Jillian Donatelli, August 2013

Hi Jennifer,
Success- everything worked out great, and we're very grateful!
Melissa was great, wonderful, and we didn't have to leave our
a/c hotel room to hear a real Boston accent!
Thanks again, for everything.
Be well,
-Don, Nina & Harry, July 2013

Thank you for recommending Lindsay-
she was fabulous for us while we were in town for my sister's wedding!
We just could not have been happier, so I wanted to pass along that along.
My kids loved her, which made me feel very comfortable leaving them in a hotel room with her.
 As a result,  we had a great experience and the best weekend!
Thanks again,
-Christine Eldred, July 2013

Hi Jen,
 Sorry for the informal feedback,
but I inadvertently left the service’s review form in my hotel room in Boston,
and I couldn’t bear not to follow up on this job. 
Last week Lindsay sat for my two daughters, ages 4 and 1, at the Taj hotel in Boston
while my husband and I went to dinner on the night of July 5.
 I was blown away by Lindsay. 
She arrived early, with a sweet, perky, approachable professionalism. 
My 4-year-old (Lulu), who is normally fine with babysitters, was at the end of a long,
rather stressful vacation with multiple locations and lots of new people,
and no structure or schedule, and had apparently reached the end of her rope that night. 
She completely melted down, pleading with us not to go, sobbing and following us
out into the hall when we left, clinging to our legs. 
Eventually Lindsay had to pry Lulu from my leg and pull her into the hotel room as Lulu shouted, “No, please, I just want ONE MORE HUG Mommy!!!!!!” 
It was horrible for us, but Lindsay did it all with a sweet,
soft little empathetic look on her face and lots of reassuring comments to us and Lulu. 
She texted us a short time later to reassure us that Lulu was doing great. 
My daughter is smart and sometimes moody, and she holds a grudge like no one’s business,
so I fully expected to come home 3 hours later to find her glowering and still awake in the corner,
and the baby awake and crying from the chaos.  Instead, both were sleeping peacefully. 
And, most incredibly, in the morning Lu would not stop chatting about Lindsay
and how nice she turned out to be.  She said Lindsay showed Lu pictures of her kids from school,
and they talked about Lu’s school and all kinds of other things, and Lulu is now obsessed
with having Lindsay visit us in Chicago so that Lu can show her all her toys and friends. 
I have no idea what sort of magic techniques Lindsay used to win Lulu over that night,
but I am extremely impressed and grateful.  Please pass on my thanks and admiration.
 Cheers from Chicago,
-Maaike Almeida, July 2013

Hi Jen,
I just wanted to let you know we were very pleased with Jill
from the moment we opened the front door to her.  She was pleasant, upbeat and kind to us. 
I felt very comfortable leaving Clara with her for the first time.  
We do hope to get her back someday.
Thanks again for your help!
-Ashley, June 2013

She was with us only a few days, but De irdra has been great.
The whole experience was very nice, we'll definitely be in touch when we're in town again!
-R, Shimoda, June 2013

Provider's Name : Peggy
Venue of Service : Charles Hotel
Date(s) of Service : June 7 and June 8
Comments : Peggy was amazing with our 13 month old daughter -
she was reassuring and loving and kind.
She took immediately to the baby and read to her, played with her, held her.
They had such a nice and easy time together.
I wish we could take Peggy back to NYC with us -
she was so easy to work with and we will definitely use her again.
-Mr and Mrs Chandra , June 2013

Our manager, Karen, had nothing but good things to say about Peggy--
she was a big help!
-Recruiting Coordinator KiddieCorp, June 2013

My husband and I were VERY happy with Lauren. 
She was wonderful with the kids - my daughter is still asking to see her again. 
She also did a great job cleaning my kitchen! 
-Dana Balejko, June 2013

Dear Jennifer,
After our stay in Boston we wanted to send you this email to say how happy
we were having Lindsay helping with our two boys.
As soon as she would enter the room, the boys were happy from the very first day she came.
We wished we would have had her through out our stay!
We hope this note finds you well and we really hope to see Lindsay again.
Best regards,
-Marie-Stephanie Juma, May 2013

Hi Jennifer,
I wanted to thank you and Sharon for helping me and my daughter during our stay in Boston.
Sharon did a great job.
My daughter had a wonderful time with her. She was punctual,
responsible, and took my daughter to all the fun places.
It was clear that my daughter liked Sharon a lot and was very comfortable with her.
I would highly recommend her to anyone.
-Ganga, May 2013

My daughter had a fabulous time with Dorothy during our stay in Boston. 
Dorothy kept her active and entertained despite the horrible weather. 
She was even kind enough to call us before our visit,
so that my daughter could speak to her on the phone. 
It made the transition so much easier. 
I was able to leave her feeling confident
that my child was with someone who was kind and thoughtful.
-Elyzabeth, April 2013

Provider's Name : Nicole M
Venue of Service : Our home
Date(s) of Service : January 17, 2013
Nicole did a great job watching our two year old while I was at a job interview.
She was on time and professional which allowed me to relax
and concentrate on my interview!
I was thrilled when I returned and found she was able to
put Eli down for a nap with no problem.
We have already booked 2 new dates with Nicole.
-Sarah Wegner, March 2013

I was thoroughly impressed with Meredith's
knowledge and teaching of baby massage and exercise. 
Her effective instruction allowed me to grasp a firm understanding
on how to massage and exercise my son Fionnley. 
Since my session, I have exercised with Finn quite a few times and can see in his mannerisms
and movements that he loves the stretches we do together! 
As a new father who is still learning what brings infants happiness,
these skills I now have are immensely valuable and I owe it all to Meredith. 
Thank you!
-Michael, March 2013

Just wanted to say thank you very very much for the help on short notice.
Kate was great!
-Matt, March 2013

Thank you so much...Kate is awesome!
-Laurie, March 2013

Hi Jennifer,
Meredith was fabulous!
So warm and attentive to Veronica, great endurance regarding Zachary,
came bearing many good fruits and ideas.
Thanks for getting that arranged, and keep up the good work with new motherhood!
-Sarah, February 2013

Just wanted to let you know Noel was great.
The kids were so calm when we got home, which was impressive considering
how long they've been trapped in the house with all this snow.
-Mom of 6, February 2013

Provider's Name : Cristina
Date(s) of Service : 2012 - 2013
Cristina is an amazing sitter!
She has sat for my son many times, and he always looks forward to seeing her.
She comes prepared with a "bag of tricks" that keeps my son entertained all day.
She is caring and sweet, and treats my son very well. What more can I ask for?
-Sara P. and Eddie H., February 2013

Provider's Name : Lauren
Date(s) of Service : 2011-2013
Lauren is a great sitter!
She has been regularly sitting for my son for the past 2 years,
and he always looks forward to seeing her.
Lauren often brings my son to daycare in the morning,
then picks him up in the afternoon and watches him until my husband or I get home.
She usually walks him there, but I completely trust her to drive my car if there is bad weather
or if she wants to take him to a park or playground.
Lauren has been really accommodating of my my somewhat unusual work schedule,
which has often changed at the last minute, and for that I am truly grateful.
She takes wonderful care of my son, cooking for him, bathing him,
playing with him and entertaining him, and getting him to bed.
She has even stayed overnight with him a few times as well.
She is caring and gentle with him, and I couldn't ask for more in a sitter.
-Sara P. and Eddie H., February 2013

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