​​​​​​​Boston's Best BabySitters

Provider's Name : Keri
Venue of Service : Nine Zero Hotel
Date(s) of Service : 12/6/2014
Comments : Keri was outstanding and it felt like she had been our babysitter for years.
-Megan Titas, December 2014

Just wanted to drop a line to thank Boston's Best Babysitters
for providing our family with such OUTSTANDING child care.
We hired Georgie to sit for our 7 and 1 year old children on the night of December 6th
at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston.
Before the date arrived, I was very apprehensive about hiring through your service
as I had never left my children with anyone other than family.
I contacted Jennifer at Boston's Best who communicated to Georgie
that I wanted to speak to her to try and calm my nerves.
Georgie immediately got in touch with me.
She heard my concern and was very soothing and understanding -
not at all defensive or offended about my trepidation.
Once I heard her voice and asked some questions, I felt better.
She arrived on the evening mentioned right on time.
She had coloring books, stickers and a mini football for my oldest.
She asked questions about both children and gave off a very kind,
caring and responsible vibe.
As the evening unfolded, I checked on the kids every hour
(our commitment took place at a ballroom downstairs) and found them happy and relaxed.
The evening ended with both kids in bed, fed and 2 very happy parents.
In a day and age when parents are more concerned than ever about who their children
spend time with - Georgie was a beacon of light; a lovely person truly concerned with her charges.
I know that other parents go through what we did in leaving their kids with strangers -
please print this review so that it might help!
Thanks for providing such stellar service.
-Sandra and Rino Benenati, December 2014

Thank you for your assistance; Luisa was great!
Thank you,
-Vaishali, December 2014

Just a quick note to say that Heather was wonderful on Saturday!
She was very warm and open to baby Leo when she came in,
made us feel confident leaving, and then had him sleeping peacefully in a crib
(which he'd earlier refused) when we came back.
Please tell her thank you and that any future clients should feel confident hiring Heather.
Best Wishes,
-Stephanie, November 2014

I just wanted to say that Lindsay (L) was great with Owen
and he loved playing games and play doh with her!
She also did a great job getting him back to bed
when he got up a couple of hours after bedtime.
Thanks so much!
-Jess, November 2014

I am writing to describe my positive experience with Boston's Best Babysitters and Georgie.
On November 7th, I used Boston's Best Babysitters
for the first time and was extremely pleased with my experience.
Both the agency and the childcare provider were excellent.
I was impressed by the in-depth profiles and pictures provided on the website
as well as the prompt and thorough response to my inquiry.
In addition, Georgie was a babysitter I will certainly request again.
She arrived on-time and was easy for my children to get to know.
Her presence was very calm and kind, and I felt immediately confident
in her ability to provide a caring environment for both our children.
Upon arriving back at our hotel, both children were happy (and asleep)!
My daughter remarked in the morning that she had a wonderful time
with Georgie and would love to see her again.
In short, I would recommend both Boston's Best Babysitters
and Georgie to anyone seeking a babysitter in the Boston area.
Thank you,
-Maggie McCormick, November 2014

As you know, Lindsay L., was assigned to care for my 4 children (9, 6, 3yr old twins)
at the Millennium Bostonian Hotel last weekend.  
I don’t exactly know all the details from Friday night other than what I was told,
but as a result of the fun, my 6yr old son awarded Lindsay the title of “Best Babysitter Ever!”
  Lindsay arrived at the hotel with a tote full of arts and crafts which the children absolutely loved!
When Saturday evening came along, the children were anxiously waiting for my husband and I
to go out.  They kept asking, “When is Lindsay coming?”
Thank you Jennifer and thank you Lindsay for being a part of our Boston memory!
I wished we had taken a picture.
-Gina, November 2014

Dear Jennifer,
We have been home for two weeks now and have finally got settled in
and have a few minutes to write you. 
I wrote a review on your site but also wanted to write you as well. 
I wanted to thank you for your services and also brag a little bit about Meredith. 
She was absolutely perfection! 
We just loved her and how she was with Thomas. 
She reminded me a little bit of my grandmother when I was growing up. 
So loving and kind, but such a calm way about her that makes a person so at ease. 
I just watched her and thought, "Oh my goodness, she knows exactly what she is doing....
I can definitely learn a few things from her!" 
Anyway, I had a very good feeling about her right away and knew I could trust her. 
My husband and I had three date nights out on the town
and got to meet up with old friends for one of them. 
Having Meredith watch Thomas was a blessing for him, as well as for us. 
We were able to experience our vacation to the fullest
and do everything we wanted to do and see,
which would not have been possible without your services. 
We didn't feel like we were held back because we had a baby in tow. 
It really was the best of both worlds! 
We enjoyed so much with our little Thomas,
but we also got to celebrate our anniversary and go to some really great restaurants. 
I am now convinced that this is the best way to travel! 
When we come back to Boston we will definitely use your services again. 
I can't thank you enough. 
-Reimee, November 2014

Just letting you know, that I was very happy with Sarah -
she was so nice, very responsible, very flexible and clearly knew
how to make my baby girl happy and content!
She made my trip a whole lot easier :-)
-Maja, November 2014

Just want to say thank you for scheduling Monique to care for our 2 toddlers this past weekend.
Mo is a terrific babysitter who is professional and kind.
We look forward to seeing her on our next trip to Boston.
-Alison, November 2014

Provider's Name : Meredith
Venue of Service : W Hotel and Millenium Bostonian
Date(s) of Service : October 2014
Comments : My husband and I came out to Boston from California
and brought our 8 month old son Thomas.
I was nervous at first to leave him with someone I had never met before.
After doing some research and reading the reviews, we chose to use Meredith.
She watched our little Thomas for three different evenings
and was very punctual and even showed up a little early.
I immediately had a very good feeling about her as soon as we met,
and she quickly gained our trust.
She was very kind, loving and attentive to Thomas
and seemed to know exactly what she was doing.
Thomas can really be a handful sometimes and Meredith
had a very calming way about her that seemed to settle him down.
She talked to him, played with him, and sang him songs
as I was finishing getting ready before leaving the hotel room.
Every night we came back to the hotel,
Thomas was sound asleep and we got a full report about how the evening went.
She even text us pictures of him while we were away, which we really appreciated and loved.
She is also an infant massage educator on top of being a retired RN,
and left us a packet of instructional material on infant massage after we expressed interest.
We were so impressed with her as a person and her skills with our baby that we had to write a review.
I hope this is helpful for those parents considering this service.
It was wonderful for my husband and I to have a few date nights in town
and meet up with some old friends knowing that our baby was in good hands.
We would recommend Meredith without any hesitation
and plan to use her when we return to Boston next.
Having this service available made our trip so much more enjoyable.
-Reimee, November 2014

I wanted to let you know how excellent our experience
with Maria was over the last two weeks. 
She was an absolute joy to work with
and I can't say enough about how talented and caring she is.  
I was a little nervous about having a stranger watch my son all day,
but as soon as I met Maria I knew I could relax. 
Maria immediately bonded with my two-year-old son and put him totally at ease. 
She's very warm and attentive, but knew how to handle his occasional tantrums too! 
She arrived early every day and was really a joy to work with.
Maria is an experienced, loving, and generous caregiver
and any parent would be lucky to have her as a babysitter. 
Thank you for connecting us.
-Andrew (and little Justin!), November 2014

Just a quick note to tell you what a pleasure it was working with Monique (Mo) today. 
She was wonderful with the kids- fun, kind, creative-everything you want in a nanny.
And again-a joy to work with!
-Sharon, October 2014

Provider's name: Sarah M
Date of Service: October 25 2014
This was our first time leaving our 13 month old with a babysitter he did not meet beforehand.  
Since the moment Sarah arrived he was all smiles.
He had the best time with her.
Thanks to Sarah we could enjoy our friend's wedding
with the piece of mind that our baby was in great hands.
-Eric Terada & Paula Canavese, October 2014

We love Bianca! 
She is so great with my little Billy and the baby!
-Emily, October 2014

Your service is wonderful.
We really enjoyed Christina.
I want to sing your praises.
I gave your service a plug with HBS. See below.
"The reunion was for the most part wonderful.
Thank you for your exhaustive (and likely exhausting) planning.
I wanted to let you know that we needed a baby sitter for the two nights
for a 6 yr old and 4 yr old in the hotel room. HBS pointed us to Care.com,
but their service was terrible. It seemed like hiring a baby sitter from Craigslist.
We were fortunate the hotel pointed us at Boston's Best Babysitters
In short order BBB gained my trust and provided a highly rated sitter,
Christina A, for both nights."
-Mr Lamont, September 2014

The babysitters were great on Thurs and Fri last week.
They were all professional, responsible and wonderful with the kids.
Thank you for finding them all.
-Shaarei Tefillah, September 2014

Saraa was wonderful!
-Christina, September 2014

Many thanks again for sending Sarah our way.
I wanted to send a more official positive review!
She has  truly been the most positive, warm,
and trustworthy caregiver we have had with our new son!
Tremendous energy coupled with smart attention to detail and a genuinely calm demeanor. Exceptional!
-Kelsey, September 2014

Thanks for recommending Meredeth.
She was excellent!
-Knox family, September 2014

Provider's Name : Peggy
Venue of Service : Home
Date(s) of Service : Aug 30
Peggy babysat for our 3 children (5y, 3y and 3mo) and did a wonderful job.
Our baby was having a rough day but Peggy was unfazed, kind and patient.
Our children really enjoyed her!
-Marcella, September 2014

Christina was amazing! 
I will recommend her to all my Boston friends.
Thank you!
-Shari, September 2014

We would like to give you some feedback on Bianca because we liked her so much. 
Bianca is one of the very best babysitters we have ever had.
She is fun, careful, and responsible.
We felt comfortable with her taking our 3 year old son
to the Arboretum and parks, and they had a total blast.
Whenever we return home after our son has been with Bianca
he is happy and eager to tell us about their adventures.
Thank you,
Adele, September 2014

I completely forgot to tell you how much we loved Christina A! 
All of your sitters are good but she had an especially nice way with the kids. 
Having so many kids so close in age can be a bit chaotic at times
but she comes from big family and wasn’t fazed a bit by all of the activity.
Thanks again,
-Robin, September 2014

Provider's Name : Alissa
Venue of Service : Intercontinental Hotel
Date(s) of Service : 8/20 and 8/21/14
Our experience with Alissa was 100% positive.
She was always right on time and very respectful.
We felt completely comfortable leaving our 4 month old son
with her and he seemed very content.
I wouldn't hesitate to use your service again and would hope that Alissa would be available!
-Erica G, August 2014

I just wanted to give you some feedback about Heather.
She was lovely!
She was on time, very playful with Max,
and followed all of my instructions for feeding, bathing and putting him down.
She also sent me a few text messages to let me know that all was well.
We were very happy with her.
Thanks so much!
-Isabel, September 2014

We want to thank you and Boston's Best Babysitters for
sending us Christina A. to pet-sit our Scottish Terrier, Stuart,
on Sat., 8/30 and Sun., 8/31 at the Westin Waterfront.
Christina A. was prompt and pleasant. She seemed
totally comfortable handling a new animal, and genuinely engaged
with Stuart. Stuart seemed to be very pleased with
Christina's attention, and company.
In addition, Christina A. was kind enough to fulfill our
last-minute request to add the extra sitting day of Sunday a.m.
Simply stated, Christina A. receives our heartfelt thanks
for making our Boston stay more memorable.
She is a gem, and we appreciated her enthusiasm and experience.
Thank you again for offering such a unique and wonderful service.
The McCarthys, August 2014

Erin was fabulous with our 4-year-old daughter. 
She brought books and games with her,
took her into the city and encouraged her to eat healthy meals.
Our daughter loved her!
We had a wonderful experience.
-VK, August 2014

Just to say again that Tiffani and Andrea have been fantastic.
The kids loved them!
Thank you very much and it has been a great pleasure hiring your services!
Best regards,
-Carmen, September 2014

It's been a wonderful 8 days for my son,
and Andrea and Tiffani were great.
Thank you so much for providing such great babysitters.
Kindest regards,
-Vladimir, September 2014

Thank you again for setting us up with Peggy. 
As you know, she is a total pro and the kids had a fantastic time with her!
-Ann, August 2014

Provider's name: Erin
Date of Service: August 28, 2014
Comments: This was the second time Erin watched our 10 month old son.
We came back to a happy and safe baby both times.
We will request Erin again in the future.
-Jackie, August 2014

Terrific!!! Thank you so much!!
Please thank Christina, and know that Boston's Best really is what it says.
You, and Christina are certainly contributing to a wonderful stay in Boston.
On behalf of Stuart, thanks again.
-Kevin and Ann McCarthy, August 2014

Just wanted to say Sarah was great.
Thanks again.
 -Geoff, August 2014

Sharon is a lovely, intelligent host for our children.
-Steven Copen, Four Seasons Guest, August 2014

Provider's name: Carly
Date of Service: August 14, 2014
Comments: Carly was great with our 10 month old son.
She arrived early, was prepared to ask us questions (and answer ours),
took notes on what activities they did, and was flexible with our schedule.
We arrived back to our hotel to a happy baby! Thanks, Carly!
-Jackie, August 2014

Peggy was amazing! 
The parents just loved her!
-Olivia at the concierge desk, XV Beacon Hotel, July 2014
Of the more than 20 providers you staffed for us,
we would just like to say that Val and Patrice were amazing!
-Rachel Speyrer, ACCENT, July 2014

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful Nicole
was with our son Trey on 8-2-14 at the Boston Harbor Hotel.
She was early - very communicative.
Trey had a great time with her - we called to say good night he was so happy and entertained -
very well taken care of and we felt comfortable and relieved knowing he was in trusting hands.
Our experience with your agency and with Nicole made us feel secure -
knowing our son was safe and we will definitely use her again!
Thank you so much,
-Andrea LaMarsh, August 2014

Nicole is a wonderful babysitter who took great care of our three children (1, 6 & 9)
during four weeks this summer as we came to Boston from Switzerland
on a short term professional assignment.
She has been a wonderful caregiver to our one-year old daughter during the day
while our older children were in summer camp, always cheerful and caring,
and very knowledgeable about age-appropriate care and activities.
She even taught our daughter her first words in English!
Nicole was also great with our two older children, picked them up from day camp,
took all three kids to parks and kept them busy and entertained!
She fed them and brought them to bed during evening babysitting.
Nicole is a very professional and reliable person; she was always punctual, which was
very important to us parents as we had early morning professional commitments -
Nicole never failed us.
We fully recommend her as a babysitter for children of any age group.
The children miss her a lot already and we will definitely ask for her
the next time we are in Boston!
Thank you Nicole!
-Sarah Thomae, August 2014

Provider's Name : Christina A.
Venue of Service : Hampton Inn Logan Airport
Date(s) of Service : 8/1/2014
Comments : Christina was so awesome! 
At first, I was very nervous about leaving my two 5-year-old boys alone
with somebody in a city where we didn't live, but Christina was so friendly. 
She worked around our schedule and was able to stay late while my husband
and I went to the baseball game.  She was great with the kids; the boys loved her! 
She got them fed and in bed, which really surprised me. 
I would definitely use her again and again and again- thank you Christina!
-Maggie Parker, August 2014

Provider's Name : Nicole U.
Venue of Service : Apt. in East Boston
Date(s) of Service : July 2014
Nicole was great!
My kids loved her.
She was prompt and professional.
We were nervous about having someone we didn't know keep our children,
but it turned out great. I would request her again. Thanks Nicole!
-Karla Hutchinson, July 2014

Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you Rae was awesome.
She did a great job and my girls had a lot of fun!!
-Mark, July 2014

Cristina is truly a wonderful nanny and person.
She has been with our family since our daughter,
Cora, was 6 weeks old and quickly became a loving,
supportive, and reassuring member of our family.
She takes a great deal of pride in her work and invests in learning
 all the latest and greatest child development trends and recommendations.
Cristina is creative, full of energy, and is always thinking of new and exciting things to do.
She is fantastic looking after children of all ages,
and is particularly gifted in caring for newborns and toddlers.
Our daughter adores "Na-na" and we are grateful for Cristina
sharing her love with our daughter each day. 
Cristina is an ideal combination of professional and personal
and provides peace of mind when your children are in her care.  
-Michaela, July 2014

Dates of service-July 5, 2014
Patrice was wonderful with our 2 1/2 year old son!
She was confident, professional & endeared herself to our son right away.
Upon meeting Patrice for the first time I was instantly at ease with leaving our son in her care.
Thank you Patrice for your professionalism allowing us to enjoy an evening out in Boston!
-Lisa Connealy, Omaha, Ne July 2014

Provider's Name : Meredith
Venue of Service : Westin Copley
Date(s) of Service : June 7 2014
Meredith looked after son Ishaan (3 years) old at the Westin Copley.
This was our first time experience of having a baby sitter with our son in the hotel room.
We really were not sure of what to expect.
At the end of the night, we thought we were the luckiest individuals
to have had a baby sitter as wonderful as Meredith.
She brought several toys, coloring books and teaching material that kept our son engaged for hours.
She was cheerful, warm and just another member of the family for us.
The part that truly touched us was the way she found out that our son
had restless legs and needed a nice massage to help him sleep.
Not only did he sleep better that we have ever seen him,
we learned a ton about how to help him sleep even when we got back home.
Here is the best part.
Meredith kept in touch with us and gave us advise on how to care for his restless legs.
Her follow up was immense and for someone who just spent one evening with our son -
we our forever touched by Meredith.
We will always ask for her to baby sit our son when we are in Boston.
You will be a very happy parent with Meredith.
-Saurabh, June 2014

I wanted to thank you for recommending Thaty as a babysitter during our vacation in Boston.
We stayed at the Fairmont Copley Plaza and had Nanny Thaty
come on June 27th and 28th to our hotel.
This was our first experience using a babysitter that my son
didn't know so naturally I was a little nervous.
She was punctual and brought a bag of goodies
 to entertain our little boy who is only 5 months old. 
She was calm, kind and very polite.
She had a great way with him.
He took to her right away and I felt very comfortable leaving him with someone new.
She sent me photos of him and let me know that everything was going well.
He loves to dance and sing and had a great time with her. 
We wished we could have taken her back to Vancouver, BC with us!
We will definitely look her up again when we come to Boston next year.
Thank you again,
-Alexandra Galbraith, June 2014

Everyone just loved Sharon!
She got right down on the ground so she could be eye-level with the children. 
She is a great, interactive, energetic provider!
-Four Seasons Concierge, June 2014

Provider's Name : Maria
Venue of Service : Hyatt Downtown
Date(s) of Service : 06/04/2014
Comments : Teo loved Maria.
She took him to the park and played all day.
It is not easy leaving your child to a total stranger
but she made us feel comfortable and our son liked her immediately.
I would highly recommend her.
-Marylene, June 2014

Our on site travel directors are obligated to fill out a form after each program.
This form details any problems, issues or concerns they had with the program,
including the child care services. 
I just wanted to let you know that our on site travel directors
gave your child care services rave reviews. 
This is especially important because our program director
has received several complaints about other child care services this year
(we have over 300 of these Edward Jones programs this month).
Thank you so much for your great work, Jennifer!!
Anita Savage
Project Manager
Maritz Travel
June 2014

So great working with everyone...had met Liza once briefly,
and never Sarah or Kelly...they are wonderful!!
Great to work with and awesome with the kids!
-Sharon, June 2014

I worked with Alissa before...(and of course Kay)...and Alissa is great!!!
I had not worked with any of the others,
but just wanted you to know how wonderful they all are!
Liza is extraordinary...(as you know), so are Sarah, Kelley and of course the others.
They set up the room the best I've seen in a group job.
Totally organized and perfect...
They are incredible with the kids, the best to work with....so nice, and so much fun!! 
Looking forward to working with them next week!
-Sharon, June 2014

Just wanted to tell you about the positive experience we had with Nicole U
last Saturday night at the Liberty Hotel.
She was prompt, friendly and we- without a doubt- had no problem leaving
our daughter with her for the evening.
She jumped right in and started to play with Lucia right away.
It was amazing to come back to the hotel room will our daughter asleep,
dinner had and all the toys cleaned-up and put away.
The clean-up was truly appreciated as many babysitters do not clean up.
I would highly recommend her and your company to friends.
Thank you for connecting us to Nicole!
-Anna Perry, June 2104

Thank you so much for your help arranging Maria to watch our daughter!
She was wonderful and everything went smoothly.
Please extend our thanks to her.
What a great service - thanks again!
-Laurel, June 2014