Eileen was great thanks!
-Saarah, December 2017

Eileen is solid.
-B. Farrell, December 2017

Nancy was amazing!
-B. Tyler, November 2017

By the way, Sharon was amazing - such a kind and and wonderful woman- the kids loved her!
Have a great day,
-Anne, November 2017

Nancy and Eileen are GREAT! 
The children who were here loved them 
and the parents who came in to do school work felt confident about the childcare. 
-Jay, October 2017

Marzi watched our 2 year old son for 4 evenings while we were visiting Boston. 
We were very happy with her care of him, and knew he was happy too, 
because he asked for her every morning! 
She asked about any health problems, allergies and special bedtime routines 
and was very kind and patient with our "terrible 2" son. 
In addition, Marzi was an excellent communicator; 
she gave us updates while we were away and a summary of our son's activity when we returned. 
Hopefully this doesn't sound crazy, 
but I was pleased that Marzi washed her hands before interacting with my child. 
This point probably matters more for infants, but I was happy, nonetheless. 
Finally, Marzi managed to teach my son how to say hello, goodbye 
and count to 10 in Farsi their first evening together! 
We look forward to Marzi's help the next time we visit Boston!
-Cat, October 2017

The boys loved having Caitlin (M) last night! 
Thank you! :) 
-Michelle, October 2017

Everything worked out great with Caitlin (K).  
She got there on time, so she had a little time to get comfortable with our boys 
and we felt very comfortable leaving with them with her.    
When we got back to the hotel, the boys were asleep 
and  we spoke to them the next morning and they really enjoyed their time with her.
Thank you very much for your help and we hope to be able to come to Boston sometime soon.
-Brian, October 2017

In case you were wondering, 
Eileen is amazing!
-Denise Migliorini, September 2017

Just a quick note to let you know how great Nancy is. 
We worked together in the infant room today, and she is great and wonderful. 
Great to work with!
-Sharon, September 2017

Meredith was a delight to work with.
She was totally professional and really prepared.
Our two-year-old Adam was comfortable with her from the start.
She even brought her own mac and cheese.
She was truly the "Baby Whisperer"!
She made it possible to fully enjoy the wedding.
We were grateful to have her.
-Dan Barnes
Venue of Service:
Date of Service

Venue of Service: Westin Copley Place
This was our first time leaving our 6 month old with a babysitter, 
and he was a little fussy as he was teething. 
So we were a little nervous about how it would go. 
Thaty did a great job caring for him, and reassuring us, 
and he was fast asleep by the time we got back!
-Anuj W, August 13th, 2017

Rachel has taken care of our now three year old daughter 
several days a months since she was 7 months old, and continues to do so. 
During infancy, she nurtured our daughter’s on many levels, 
in reaching developmental milestones and maintaining a healthy schedule of napping, 
feeding, and activities. 
She noticed our daughter’s sense of humor at an early age, 
and encourages her creativity with truly imaginative play. 
Her commitment is clearly evident in her thoughtful interactions 
and in the way she plans our daughter’s day. 
Rachel’s graduate degree in mental health counseling and expressive therapy 
gives her a perspective unique even among the best caregivers. 
When our daughter was going through a rough patch, 
Rachel taught us how to open the lines of communication with a toddler 
to talk about tough topics openly and simply. 
These tools have proved to be invaluable for the everyday obstacles toddlers encounter, 
as well as more challenging times. 
Rachel maintains order while keeping it fun. 
Our home is neater than when she arrived, 
and my daughter is in a terrific mood – and with improved manners! 
Rachel is punctual and very reliable. 
Her attention to safety and her judgment are impeccable. 
As two busy professionals, we have had a good deal of experience with nannies. 
Rachel is extraordinary: the rare soul who combines 
wisdom, practicality, creativity, and fun in even in the most ordinary of moments.
-Chou Family, August 2017

Dear Boston Best Babysitters,

We just wanted to write to leave Caitlin a raving review! 
We were in Boston for a family wedding, and this was the first time our two and three-year-old boys 
were in the care of someone other than close family members. 
Caitlin took the time out of her day to video call with our family a week before, 
which made the boys so excited to meet her. 
When the big day came, Caitlin was incredible! 
Our oldest was not in the best mood, and there were tears all around when we left. 
Within the hour, we had a photo of our boys happily coloring. 
As the wedding guests arrived, we lost count of how many people came up to us to say they had seen the boys 
out “hunting ghosts” around our hotel. 
We were beyond relieved and able to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime gathering stress-free. 
To make things even better, the boys were actually asleep before we arrived home (an incredible feat!). 
The only downside is that Caitlin doesn’t live closer to us, otherwise, we’d book her as often as we could! 
A huge thank you to the service and to Caitlin for making a great weekend so memorable for the entire family.
-The Fecteaus, August 2017

Monique was AMAZING. 
Not only was she just fantastic with the kids, but she was super with the coordination. 
If the kids finished off something (like the goldfish) she would tell not just the first parent she saw, 
but she would make sure the other parent knew too! 
She also set a new bar for when my kids would go outside. 
After a few weeks with Monique, 
Ky and Nate were asking to play outside in the rain and I had to get myself a better raincoat! 
-Megan, August 2017

Jill did a WONDERFUL job with Ky and Nate. 
Two 2-year-olds can be a big ball of opinions and she consistently kept them active,
engaged, and well-screened for fun outside! 
Jill had our kids exploring at the library, out on their scooters, playing at the park, and at the town pool. 
On rainy days, they got creative and colored or played with play-doh. 
-Megan, August 2017

Just wanted to write you a quick email and let you know how happy we were with Meredith. 
Everything went great and we left confident that our little one would be in good hands 
for the 2 evenings she stayed with him. 
He surely misses her infant massages! 
-Acara, July 2017

Thank you for your great service. 
Christine was wonderful.
-M.Costello, July 2017

Heather is fantastic with our 12 week old daughter.

She has embraced helping me try to keep a schedule,

and is equally comfortable playing with Ellie, feeding her, and helping get her up and down from naps.

Ellie is quite content when she's here, and I feel completely comfortable getting out for errands.

Looking forward to seeing her again!

-Molly, July 2017

I worked with Bianca today.

She was lovely and was awesome!

-Kathryn, July 2017

Our staff loved your company and said everyone was very professional!
[Christine, Deirdra, Jane, Kathryn, Kelley, Michael, Peggy, Rosa]
-Maritz Travel, June 2017

Hello Jennifer,
I hope this finds you well!
I wanted to send this e-mail to tell you that I really appreciated the services provided by Meredith,

the sitter who took care of my 7-year-old daughter Isabelle on June 15, 2017, at the Four Seasons Hotel, Boston. 
Meredith was amazing.

Very good with Isabelle, caring, and treated her with respect. Isabelle,

my mother and I were all very happy to have had Meredith care for Isa while I was working.
Please pass my appreciation on to her.

She was great!
Thank you,
-Christine, June 2017

Yasi and Christine were great! 
Thank you so much!!
-Staci, June 2017

Edith has been a tremendous help to our family over the past several months

and we are so glad we found her through Boston's Best Babysitters! 

Our nanny had to scale back her hours due to a medical condition.

At first we thought it might be for a few weeks, but it turned into about six months.

Edith has been a great caregiver with the flexibility to cover the gap in our regular care. 
She has mostly been taking care of our 2.5-year-old son and has been very understanding

of him as a toddler and as his baby sister came into our lives.

She has taken him on outings to parks and libraries most days she has been here

and followed his interests by bringing puzzles to share from the home daycare she runs with her daughter. 
She has also been extremely gentle and loving with our newborn

and has offered to help with occasional chores when the children are asleep

so I could nap and recover from childbirth. 
Edith is extremely responsible and has never been late or given us any cause for concern.

We feel very fortunate she has been a part of our lives

and look forward to having her babysit occasionally in the future.

I know our son will miss seeing her as frequently. 
Thanks again!
-Christie, June 2017

I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks.  

Peggy was phenomenal.  

Not only did Victoria get to do many great Boston things

but I had a complete sense of confidence that everything was taken care of

so I could attend many important (and long) meetings 
Thanks again,

-M. O'Leary, June 2017 

I hope this email finds you doing well.

We had another fantastic experience with Christine on May 26, thank you again!

-Adrienne, May 2017 

I wanted to let you know that the boys had a fantastic time with Kate this week.

She was absolutely wonderful and we really appreciated her help on such short notice!
-Adrienne, May 2017

Just wanted to let you know that the boys also had a wonderful time with Christine last week.  
They had a blast playing outside and going for hikes in the woods near our house.  
She was great with them and we really appreciated her help covering for us last week.  
Thanks again!
-Adrienne, May 2017

Edith is so warm and sweet with our baby, Juno. 
She cuddles and sings to her immediately upon her arrival. 
Juno is generally wary of strangers, but took to Edith right away. 
Edith runs a home daycare and often brings toys for Juno to play with during the day. 
I stopped by the house unexpectedly one day and found Edith cuddling 
a very happy Juno in the rocking chair. We love her. 
-Adele, January 2017

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