I would just like to thank Jen at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for recommending your Company

and compliment Meredith who was outstanding, kind, warm, and extremely engaging and competent.
My son Gabriel, aged three, took to her immediately.

The first day she took him to the Park and today to the Aquarium... he had such a wonderful time.
Can’t wait to return to Boston.
-Lauren, December 2018 

I’m not usually one to write reviews but feel I have to say what a great job Caitlin did 
when looking after our 2 children (age 4 and 7).  
We were visiting Boston for a few days and had booked Caitlin for 2 evenings.  
On the first night my 4 year old was in bed asleep before she arrived.  
My husband and I went out for dinner.  
Shortly into our evening Caitlin contacted us to say our youngest had vomited 
all over the bed (our 2 girls were sharing a queen bed).  
She told us that our daughter wasn’t distressed and had been coughing 
and though that had caused her to vomit rather than actually feeling sick.  
I thought we should head back immediately but Caitlin had it all under control, 
she bathed my daughter and put her to sleep in our bed.  
She carried my older daughter (who had slept through it all) into our bed too.  
My youngest went straight back to sleep and we managed to finish our meal.  
Caitlin really went above and beyond, stripped the bed and looked for clean sheets.  
Caitlin was calm and confident and clearly put my young daughter 
(who hadn’t even met her at this point) at ease.  
My girls were so excited when Caitlin came back to babysit again 2 days later 
- thankfully no incidents this time!
-Jennifer, November 2018

I just wanted to thank to you and especially Meredith 
who was so good with my son last Thursday. 
She was absolutely professional, kind, and very prepared. 
My son was a bit nervous at first but she knew how to handle it. 
Anyway, I'm just so grateful. 
-Joy Jang, November 2018

Just wanted to follow up and let you know that Melissa was great. 
She was really good with the kids. 
Thank you again for sending us someone really good to watch our kids for us.
Best Regards,
-Lakshmi Mason, November 2018

Just wanted to say, that even though I worked with Marzi for only 2 hours today,

a couple of times, she felt like a godsend. 

She initiated a clean-up of a mess that was going on behind me

(if I'd noticed it, I would've cleaned up, but I didn't see it until Marzi did),

she also interacted with the kids. 

The BBBers weren't sure who the point person was, so none of us had consent form,

but then...Marzi mentioned that she had some in her car and went out to get them. 

I would definitely work with Marzi again.
-J., November 2018

Thank you very much for your service! 
Mr. Brendon was happy with the two providers (Christine and Peggy) 
who assisted him during his holiday in Boston!
Kind Regards,
-Susan Shojaee
Lifestyle Manager – EMEA Travel
(elder companion care, October 2018)

Pass along a big thank you to all of the babysitters (Eileen, Jill, Leah, Maria) 
that were onsite this weekend! 
They were all fantastic and we really appreciated having them at the event.
Thanks again! Looking forward to working with you in the future.
-Vanessa, October 2018

Just wanted to send a quick note to you to say thank you. 
Sharon (and Eileen) were fantastic. 
Our boys had a great time! 
Sharon was fantastic with them. 
We felt extremely comfortable with leaving our boys in her care. 
We will definitely be contacting u again if we are back in Boston. 
If all of your sitters are like Sharon and Eileen, 
then I would say you have an awesome baby sitting service! Thanks again.
-Jim burns, October 2018

Peggy watched our four year old for two days in October. 
My daughter had the best time! 
They went to the library, children’s museum, etc. 
The second day, she was so excited to see Peggy that she didn’t care that I had a meeting, which is a first. 
Peggy also kept in contact through texts and pictures. 
I honestly think my daughter has never enjoyed a babysitter more. 
I highly recommend her and will definitely try to book her again the next time I’m in Boston.
-Rachel, October 2018

A quick note...did a few group jobs these past few weeks and everyone was great, 
but 10 thumbs-up to Cassondra, Christine and Isa. Thanks so much!! 
Happy New School Year :-)
-Sharon, September 2018

Thank you for sending us such wonderful caregivers both last week and this week!! 
They really all were excellent. 
They had great ideas, made everything fun for the kids, 
anticipated what needed to be done, connected with kids who were upset (at first) 
to be apart from their parents...they really all are very good at what they do! 
We hope some of the same sitters will come back to us next year! 
(We especially love Eileen, who took leadership and kept everything running smoothly.)
With gratitude, 
-All of us at Shaarei Tefillah :)
September 2018

Taylor has watched our kids on a couple times and has been a true God sent.  
She came early and was prepared with games that interested the kids.  
She has a fun loving bubbly personality coupled with a great intelligence 
that has come up with creative entertaining fun for the kids.  
When we go out, she is always the first sitter the kids as for!
-D. Stilwell, September 2018 

Melissa was a joy last night!  
Great personality!  
She asked great questions when she arrived, and was attentive to Clara before we left, and during the night.  
Clara loved her!  
She said Melissa played with her and made her laugh!  
And I appreciate that Melissa cleaned up the kitchen after making Clara dinner.  
I would recommend her, and hope we can have her help us again!
-Ashley, September 2018

Childcare Provider Name:
Provider Review:
August 27th at Brigham and Women's hospital. 
Kamilah was wonderful, on time, and attentive. 
My son didn't want to leave her when we had to leave.
-Adina, August 2018

Thank you for organizing and sending such wonderful sitters for our event last week!

They left the space cleaner than they found it and the parents were happy.

What more could I ask for?

Thanks again,
-Judy, August 2018

(Fessenden School)

A quick note...did a few group jobs this past few weeks and everyone was great! 
But 10 thumbs up to Cassondra...Christine...Isa...
Thanks so much!
-Sharon, August 2018

I stay home with my 17 mo old, who in the past has been skeptical of being left with caregivers at times. 
I don’t like to leave her crying at bedtime so she requires some patience to get to sleep. 
Upon meeting Janice for the first time she was clearly enchanted 
and asked her to read books and introduced her to our cat. 
Janice took in all my detailed instructions calmly and I could immediately tell 
she would do everything she could to carry out my child’s normal bedtime routine and make her comfortable. 
E said goodbye to her father and me like she was excited to visit with a new friend. 
Janice brought toys and books I could tell would be a hit (they were). 
When we got home she was sound asleep, 
and Janice described how she had fallen asleep- in ten minutes! 
Janice had clearly been very careful to follow E’s lead and be respectful of her needs at bedtime. 
I think we’ve found a fabulous sitter! 
Very grateful.
-Katherine Spencer, July 2018

Meredith has been caring for our 10 month old son on a consistent basis. 
I say caring for him because she is so much more than a babysitter. 
Meredith works with us and our son to improve his development and overall well being. 
Since she started in March, she has helped him roll, crawl, talk, improve fine and gross motor movements, 
she massages him in a therapeutic way, taught him to sleep in his crib and not our bed, 
sings to him, plays with him and loves him. 
And let me tell you how he lights up when he sees her. 
Half the time when I come home he doesn’t even want to go to me! 
As first time parents with no family around to give us any tips, 
Meredith has been an absolutely invaluable resource. 
I can’t say enough positive things about Meredith 
and I am thankful she came into our lives at exactly the right time! 
I’m sad I have to go back to work soon and we won’t see her as often as we do. 
I know Gabriel is going to miss her immensely. 
Thank you Meredith!
-Eleanor, July 2018

Julia was perfect!

Very sweet!
-South Boston, July 2018

I  just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for sending Melissa our way tonight! 
We instantly felt comfortable with her and Jack took to her so quickly. 
When we walked out the door it was to giggles from them playing, which makes my heart so happy. 
If we were staying longer we would definitely have Melissa stay with Jack again - she was fantastic! 
-Lindsay, July 2018

We had a wonderful day and all our guest parents were super thankful 
to have the providers [Jane, Lindsay, Monique, Nancy] available. 
We heard the kids had a ton of fun. 
Thank you for your help!
-Niall & James, June 2018​

Jill:  Amazing- bright, bubbly, engaging. 
Aria loved her- and I feel like she actually developed in her time with Jill. 
She had learned a few more words after the time spent with Jill. 
And she was so good to keep me informed and even occasionally send me 
a cute picture of what they were doing- especially when she was taking a nap. 
The communication kept me reassured and made my day. 
Would love to have her babysit again. 
Jamie: A modern day Mary Poppins- came with books and stickers- 
some of which Aria still has an loves. 
I feel like Aria learned so much in her time with Jamie. 
We were so confident in her- grandma Susanne was able to leave her and go off shopping- 
getting a well-deserved break. 
I was told Aria adored her. 
Would love to have her babysit again.
I wish both of these girls were in New York! 
They were so amazing and the quality of service is just so good. 
So glad I found you. 
-Sonal, June 2018

We would like to send our absolute appreciation for Meredith's wonderful services as a nanny. 
This was our first time hiring a nanny, so we were a bit hesitant. 
Meredith made us feel right as ease as soon as she walked through the door. 
She connected with our 14 month old daughter instantly, 
as they started playing with the toys together right away. 
As parents, we learned key tips from Meredith that will last a lifetime, 
including how to get our daughter to fall asleep in the crib for the first time. 
She kept us updated through text messages and pictures throughout the night, 
as we requested. 
We are so glad we met Meredith. 
We highly, HIGHLY recommend her to your future clients. 
Thank you again,
-Reda, June 2018

Ms. Wood LOVED Luisa! 
Could not say enough good things about her. 
Have a great weekend. 
-Beverly Doughty
Concierge The Lenox Hotel, May 2018

I just have to tell you that Jamie was absolutely wonderful. 
We are so grateful!
-Tamara, May 2018

Our family recently spent a weekend in Boston, partly for business and partly for pleasure. 
My husband and I had to attend a business dinner on Saturday evening, 
and Sharon made a terrific companion for our two kids, ages 12 and 15. 
They can stay on their own at home, but because we were visiting a big city 
we wanted them to have a little freedom and not have to stay in our hotel room. 
Sharon was a fun and energetic companion for our son and daughter, 
both of whom have mild special needs. 
She accompanied them to the pool, took them out to McDonalds, 
watched the Celtics playoff game on TV with them and made sure they didn't get bored. 
The following day our kids said three different times, 
"Sharon was really nice." 
And you know how hard teenagers are to impress!
-Lisa Witkowski, May 2018

We had the pleasure of having Sharon care for our 32 month old son

on two evenings while visiting Boston. 
What a great experience for all of us. 
Our son took to Sharon as soon as she walked into the room. 
That says a lot about Sharon since our son generally needs a little

warm up time when staying with a caregiver. 
We knew he was in good hands and were able to enjoy ourselves in the city. 
Sharon arrived early and kept us updated on our son via text with pictures. 
This is the second trip in which Sharon cared for our son. 
She first time she cared for our son he was 15 months old. 
We will not hesitate to reach out again when in town.
-Alina, April 2018

Jen, we thank you for your professionalism and prompt replies 
when securing the dates for Sharon's availability.  
It helped in planning our trip well in advance. 
-Alina Reynolds, April 2018

I just wanted to drop by and say thank you for providing us a great sitter. 
Kamilah was super easy to work with and on time every day. 
Also, the family loved her as well. 
I've included a note below from the dad of the children.
Thank you so much for getting a great caretaker. 
- Kamilah was just awesome!
-Naomi Washington, April 2018

Leah was FANTASTIC today! 
She and Sasha are a perfect match, they really get along beautifully.
I'd love to have Leah's support for this conference. 
Any chance you could reach out to her first to see if she is available?
Thank you!
-N, April 2018

My husband and I have been talking and we feel like our son has shown 
a lot of increased development since Meredith has been with him. 
We prefer Meredith from a developmental standpoint.
-E, March 2018

Venue of Service: Kimpton Marlowe
Date of Service: 03/20/2018
Janice was wonderful with my daughter Veronika. 
They read Brown Bear over and over again 
and Janice has displayed so much love and attention to detail. 
Veronika fell asleep in Janice's lap well ahead of her bedtime! 
My daughter was very happy to see Janice again. 
Janice was patient and loving although the baby was in a clingy mood 
and not happy about me leaving. 
Janice kept me updated and I felt reassured.
-Ana Kostic, March 2018

Ms. Eileen has babysat for us over the past six months and is fantastic. 
Our son Reed always looks forward to seeing her. 
Eileen has always been reliable, easy to work with and has been open to help in very short notice.
​-Brent Farrell, March 2018

Peggy is warm and caring. 
She took great care of my daughter and I really enjoyed our conversations. 
Needless to say, my daughter immediately fell in love with her. 
The second appointment with Peggy only reinforced my initial impressions of her abilities. 
She is wonderful with children. 
My daughter remembered her and was overjoyed to see her. 
Peggy took great care of her and got her to bed even before her bedtime. 
Thank you, Peggy! 
-Ana Kostic Inn at St. Botolph, February 2018

Kelsey has been great in the afternoons. 
The kids have really warmed to her.
-John, March 2018

I've been meaning to text you for a while to let you knowLeah was great! 
Thank you so much for connecting us to her! 
When we need a babysitter in the future we will definitely keep her and BBB in mind. 
I felt extremely comfortable leaving the babies with Leah. Thanks again!
-Mom of Twins, February 2018

We could not have been happier with Taylor!  
Her personality and enthusiasm were beautiful, and our five year old daughter feel in love with her!  
Taylor arrived early so we could get her parked on time.  
She came prepared with a puzzle and games, which my daughter loved!  
Taylor put all of us at ease right away, 
which was helpful since it was the first timing using Taylor in our new place!
-Ashley & Ian Lodovice, February 2018

Jill is a fantastic sitter. 
She is super energetic and upbeat. 
Our two boys ages 5 and 3 adore her. 
Jill always brings a backpack full of fun activities. 
Jill is very reliable and conscientious. 
We are always at ease when Jill is with our boys. 
Our oldest son even asks us when Jill is coming next. 
We feel so lucky to have found Jill as a regular sitter.
-Kristen, February 2018

We got Melissa through your agency as our son's babysitter. 
This was our first time actually having anyone outside the family watch him. 
Melissa was amazing and I would recommend her to anyone I can. 
Let me know if there is a link I can fill out as review for her. 
I was super nervous and she was just simply great. 
Thank you for your help.
-M. N., January 2018

I have been meaning to write and thank you for a perfect childcare experience 
during our stay at the BHH this past weekend. 
We had never used a service like this before and were a little nervous, 
but you and Caitlin could not have done a better job at setting our minds at ease. 
Caitlin happily made time to FaceTime with us before our trip and my son Luke was excited to meet her. 
We really appreciated her energy and enthusiasm even over the phone! 
On the day she sat for us, we spent 5 hours at the Children’s Museum and both kids were exhausted, 
so I was worried that Luke would be unhappy that we were leaving, 
but thanks to Caitlin’s good energy, he was fine. 
We left her with a sleeping baby and a tired preschooler and she successfully put Luke to bed with no problems. 
We had a long leisurely dinner with no worries and we were thrilled. 
She was prompt, communicative, courteous and overall delightful. 
We only wish we lived closer so we could use your services more often!
Thanks so much for everything!
All the best,
-Lauren, January 2018

Allow me to say that, once again, you knocked it out of the park!!!!  
Eileen was absolutely fantastic with Amelia.  
She came prepared, she was absolutely phenomenal with Amelia.
Amelia raved about Eileen the next day, asked to go hang out with her, 
and gave Jamie and I an amazing opportunity to enjoy a special date night together.  
We knew she would be taken care of and we are completely at ease with the amazing service 
and providers you and your business provide. 
If there is ever anything we can do to help keep you prospering 
and providing such an amazing service, just ask!!
-Phill, January 2018

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