We just got back- Christina was amazing!! 
Thank you! 
We will recommend her to friends and definitely call you when we are back in town! 
Thank you!
-Valerie, March 2020

Just letting you know that we had Sammi babysit our 21 month old son tonight while on holidays in Boston.

She was so great, we felt completely comfortable leaving our baby with her!

He even went to sleep early, which is a bit of a miracle at the moment!
Thanks again!

Will definitely recommend Boston’s Best Babysitters and happy to complete reviews wherever you need.
-James, Lauren and Hugh Venning, February 2020

Childcare Provider:  Sarah

Sarah was so sweet and kind. 
She was energetic and came in with a smile. 
My kids loved her and wanted her to come back.
She was very engaged with the kids and I felt like she enjoyed her time with them and enjoys what she does. 
My husband and I highly recommend her and give her our best regards!
-Nadia Shamsi, February 2020

Childcare Provider: Sarah F
Provider Review:Sarah was amazing with our little boy. 
Being in a strange city (Boston at the Liberty Hotel) 
with someone new she found ways to break him out of his shyness shell 
over the 2 nights she had him and even took him out on the town for ice-skating! 
Amazing and wonderful.
-Mary Chiappa, January 2020

Childcare Provider Name: Sarah F
Provider Review:
Sarah's lovely. 
She happily did a jig saw puzzle with our 3 1/2 year old granddaughter. 
I appreciate that she knows CPR and is First Aid Certified. 
-Ana Ericksen, November 2019

Childcare Provider Name:
Sarah F
Provider Review:
Sarah was amazing with our little boy.

Being in a strange city (Boston at the Liberty Hotel)

with someone new she found ways to break him out of his shyness shell

over the 2 nights she had him and even took him out on the town for ice-skating!

Amazing and wonderful.
-Mary Chiappa, January 2020

Childcare Provider Name: Peggy
Provider Review:

I wish Peggy lived near us so we could have her as a nanny everyday! 
She was phenomenal - so kind, attentive and trustworthy. 
It was my first time leaving my 7 month old baby girl with someone other than family 
and I was completely at ease knowing Peggy was watching her. 
She communicated well and sent me texts and photos, was promptly on time, 
so helpful and my daughter loved her! 
I cannot recommend her enough. 
We absolutely loved Peggy. 
We highly recommend her!
-Kathryn Berti, January 2020

My husband and I were at the holiday party for his department

at Boston Children’s Hospital on Saturday night

(at the Copley Marriott hotel) and our 3 children went to the childcare room.

We were very impressed with the sitters that took care of the children (from your company).

Our kids were happy and entertained the whole evening,

and did not want to leave!

I was so pleased with the way the caregivers interacted with our children,

and felt confident leaving my kids with them. 

-Kara, December 2019

Michelle was amazing! 
She was kind, fun, warm and experienced. 
She brought fun toys and games and was a fantastic communicator! 
She took great care of our 15 month old son.
- Mod, December 2019

Harir was incredible!!!!!
Thank you!
-Britt, December 2019

Harir is fabulous!!!!
-Sharon, November 2019

​Did a job at the Charles thanksgiving day with Michele. 
It was a big family reunion. 
We were with several kids and their parents.
Michele had tons of fun things with her.  
The kids loved her parents loved her. 
It was a real joy working with her so I just wanted to say thank you.
-Sharon Jones, November 2019

Sharon and Michelle did a great jobs with the kids.

Such great energy and kids had a lot of fun.

-D Stone, November 2019

Childcare Provider Name: Sarah F
Provider Review:
Sarah's lovely. 
She happily did a jig saw puzzle with our 3 1/2 year old granddaughter. 
I appreciate that she knows CPR and is First Aid Certified. 

Ana Ericksen, November 2019

Parent Name: Ana Ericksen
Childcare Provider Name: Minoo
Provider Review:
Minoo babysat our one year old grandson.

All went very well.

We appreciate her experience and energy.


A belated thanks for sending over Shade last week, and for all your help organizing a last-minute sitter.  
Shade was wonderful; we look forward to having her sit for us again!  
With thanks, 
-Lisa, November 2019

I wanted to say that we had very successful babysitting sessions on Monday and Tuesday.  
Monday, especially, was strong with the staff  
[Bruna, Caitlin, Carol, Deborah, Eileen, Priscilla, Sue and Tabi]
being fully engaged and coming up with new ways to keep the kids contained yet enjoying things 
(the services went rather long).
-Shaarei Tefillah, September/October 2019

Nicole is great, smart and fun. 
Amazing with kids and parents. 
And all around great person!!!
Thank u!
-Sharon, September 2019

I want to thank you for all your work on Urvashi and Ohn’s wedding yesterday.

The bride, groom and their parents were thrilled with how everything looked! 
I truly enjoyed working with you all and I look forward to working with you all again in the future.
Thank you,
-Alexis, September 2019

I wanted to let you know how great Meredith was 
and how easy it was to for us to leave our baby under her care two nights in a row. 
She was prompt, communicated well and proactively, 
had a calming presence, really knew her way around how to handle a baby 
(and a nervous mom who was simultaneously trying to get ready for an event) 
and left our room clean and organized. 
Should we ever need a sitter in Boston again we'd use her. 
I actually wish she lived near us so we could make her a regular sitter!
Thanks for your service!
-Clara, August 2019

From the start, Peggy was so kind and attentive!
She has a comforting way about her and was genuinely interested in what my child's routine was. 
She shows her love of kids through her interactions- 
by getting on their level and taking her time with them.
They also seem to naturally gravitate toward her! 
Because of my toddlers mood and gentleness after spending time with Peggy, 
I could tell she made my child feel so comforted and safe. 
I am so pleased and thankful for Jen connecting us through Boston's Best BabySitters!
-Lacey, August 2019

Patricia is wonderful with the kids!!  
She is  wonderful with the parents!!   
And wonderful to work with !!  
We had an evening with a lot of kids -a big wedding of all ages.
I honestly cannot say enough great things about her!
Thank you!
-Sharon, August 2019

Just a quick email that Sharon and Nancy are AWESOME! 
What wonderful people to work with. They are so nice and helpful. 
WOW- they took me right in and showed me the ropes!
-Patricia, July 2019

Patty is awesome!! 
Thanks soooooo much!!!
-E. Candal, July 2019

Childcare Provider Name:
Provider Review:
Patty was absolutely amazing. 
She was outdoor focused, which we love and took our 14 month old to 3 parks. 
She taught him new words playing a singing and counting game. 
And, she was a cloth diaper ninja. 
We will definitely have her come back and play with our little guy again.
-Ashley, July 2019

Childcare Provider Name:
Provider Review:
Deirdra is great! 
I had projects to tackle at home and she settled in at ease with my infant. 
I appreciated the texts she sent while they were out on the town—
activity updates and what time she fell asleep for a rescue nap and woke up—
helped me budget my work time and have a framework for her remaining wake hours and next sleep. 
She was also super attentive at mealtimes. 
I was jealz of all the giggles I heard from the back—
they were having way more fun than my spreadsheets and scrubbing! 
Baby was charmed. Thank you Deirdra!
-Alex, July 2019

Childcare Provider Name:
Provider Review:
She took our little guy to the splash park, fed him great meals, 
got him to nap for longer than we ever have. 
We came home to a tidy house and a happy little guy and a happy dog. 
Very impressive.
-Ashley, July 2019

Childcare Provider Name: Min0o
Provider Review:
She did a very good job getting our guy to nap and enjoy the afternoon on very short notice. 
She was very accommodating of our dog as well.
-Ashley, July 2019

​Alissa was wonderful! 
Great experience, thank you! 
Highly recommend her :)
-M Davidson, June 2019

Leah could not have been better and quite literally dropped everything to help us out. 
My husband and I were new to the area and expecting a baby very soon, 
but had no one to take care of our three year old while we were at the hospital.
Leah came over before the baby came to meet our daughter and they instantly hit it off. 
I ended up being induced early and Leah came as soon as she could (which was really fast) 
so my husband could head to the hospital to meet me. 
She sent us frequent updates and pictures to show us the fun our daughter
was having and it really helped us feel less stressed about that so we could focus on having a baby! 
We were so lucky to have Leah there for us for those couple of days.
I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a great sitter. 
She’s the best!
-Kim, June 2019

The day isn't even over, but I just wanted to reach out and say how wonderful Kamilah has been. 
She's patient, sweet, intuitive and willing to meet Dona where she is. 
I was expecting a full day of crying like yesterday [with another provider not from the agency], 
but after a bit of adjustment in the morning she settled in with her like her usual self. 
Kamilah interacted with her, giggled, sang... 
I came home from a doctor's appointment and they were sitting by the window 
listening to the rain with soothing music on... 
Kamilah was holding and bouncing her so gently as she slept I almost cried.  
Thank you!I didn't think it (not crying all day in the care of someone else/new) 
was possible in this particular phase she's entered. 
I'm so grateful for your vetting.
-Alex, June 2019

I just wanted to let you know that Patty was great!
My daughters had a wonderful time with her.

Patty took them out every day, to the park, for ice cream, for lunch, etc.

She even made these amazing cookie/brownies, which were gone in a day!
We very much enjoyed having her, and I would happy to provide a reference if ever needed.
Thank you, 
-Rosaleah Brown, June 2019 

Childcare Provider Name: Erin Manning
Provider Review:
She did a great job. 
Our little guy napped better than ever. 
The house was very tidy when we returned home and the baby and dog very happy. 
We will definitely aim to have her watch our son again.
-Ashley, June 2019

It was Absolute pleasure to work with Andrea. 

We only had one child today at the church,

but I did want to let you know that she came completely prepared.

She was wonderful with this little guy and a really nice person.

Thank you, thank you!

-Sharon, June 2019

I just want to say thank you for facilitating Kate’s babysitting of Livvy and Charlotte last night.

She’s amazing!

The girls loved her.
I hope we can find more times to work with her again!
-Kate, June 2019

Childcare Provider Name: Kelsey
Provider Review:
Kelsey was outstanding. 
Her background is child development and social work really shined. 
She came up with such awesome, developmentally appropriate activities for our one year old. 
Very impressive.
-Ashley, June 2019

I wanted to send a note to compliment Meredith Piscitelli 
and let you know what a joy she was with my Daughter, Emilia! 
Emilia (Emmy) is one year old and she and Meredith loved each other! 
My family and I stayed at the Lenox Hotel the weekend of June 1st. 
Meredith babysat Emmy on Friday and Saturday nights. 
She was so loving to Emmy...they went on a stroll around our hotel, 
she brought toys and did baby massage when Emmy became cranky/sleepy. 
I am so grateful to have been provided such an experienced and kind sitter for Emmy. 
She really was so special and a joy to have care for Emmy! 
Please send my thank you again, to Meredith and thank you for placing her with our family!
Warm Regards, 
-Sherry Petkus, June 2019

Hi there just a quick note to let you know what a terrific job it was,

and also I cannot say enough about Eileen Tabi and Patty. 
 They were all so wonderful to work with!!!
-Thank you, Sharon May 2019

Dulce was great!

Thanks for your help!
-Rachael Wagner, May 2019

​​I just wanted to write to let you know that we had Christine 
babysit the kids last Saturday and she was awesome!  
We were really impressed with how professional and personable she was 
and would definitely love to use her again on our next trip to Boston.  
The kids really enjoyed their day with her.
-Craig, May 2019

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Boston, 27 & 29 May:

Luisa was incredible, so warm and professional.

She came at extremely short notice to babysit our sleeping 5yo, which was so appreciated!

She was just wonderful.

If I lived in Boston Luisa would be my No 1 choice of babysitter!

-Margaret T, May 2019

Yesterday's job was great! 
I just wanted to let you know how wonderful it was working with both ladies [Eileen and Tabi]- 
and that was the true bonus of the day. 
I have nothing but great things to say about both of them. 
Thank you!

-Sharon, May 2019

We are so incredibly happy that our hotel recommended your service! 
Traveling from out of state can make it really difficult to find a childcare provider you trust, 
and it felt great knowing that Boston's Best Babysitters vets their nannies for you. 
We worked with Heather, and she was amazing! 
Our 18 month old is pretty friendly and easygoing, 
but still usually runs to one of us when a stranger comes over until he warms up to them. 
As soon as Heather walked in the door, our son ran right up to her and smiled - 
immediately making us feel more at ease leaving him for a date night. 
She brought bubbles and bouncy balls with her, 
which was a great way to engage him from the moment she arrived. 
She was really sweet and calm. 
We also received a check in text to let us know he was doing well 
and had eaten his dinner/was sleeping for the night. 
We had mentioned to her what a relief it was to find this service, 
because we were having a lot of trouble with Care.com hires backing out 
for the concert we were attending the next day in CT - 
and she said that if we reached out to BB Babysitters, 
she would be willing to make the drive for us. 
She literally drove almost 2 hours to help us the next evening & we felt so at ease
knowing he was already comfortable with her. 
I can't tell you enough how happy we were with Heather! 
-Ashley Davis, April 2019

Jillian babysat for my two daughters, Livvy (5) and Charlotte (3), on February 11th.

She was wonderful!

She showed up on time and brought an entire backpack of crafts for my daughters.

They made valentines and had the best time.

It was really thoughtful of Jillian to come prepared with things to do throughout the afternoon.

The girls loved her and ask about her all of the time.

We will definitely have Jillian babysit again!

-Kate Paglia, February 2019

Eileen is just one of the best sitters we have ever had and we have had many over the years.  
She is the first sitter we have had in MA since we moved here and she put immediately at ease.  
She is kind, incredibly patient and just lovely in every way.  
The kids adore  her and we do, too.  I can't say enough great things about her. 
-Sarah O'Brien, February 2019

Caitlin watched our 4 year old son for the night, and was fantastic with him. 
Leaving him with a babysitter for the first time besides his usual daycare teachers, 
I was a little nervous, but she made me feel completely comfortable 
& was very prompt with answering my texts throughout the night. 
My son loved playing with her, and enjoyed the night. 
I would highly recommend Caitlin to any family. 
-Meg Stone, January 2019

My husband and I were in town for a work function of his, and were in need of hotel babysitting.

Boston's Best Babysitters provided us with service from Eileen at the downtown Courtyard Marriott.

We cannot say enough about Eileen's wonderful demeanor and superb professionalism.

She was prepared to care for and keep my little one engaged and happy.

As first time parents, we were put at ease with the pictures she sent

which showed our daughter smiling and happy during their time together.

The feeling your child is happy and safe is priceless.

This service and particularly, Eileen's service,

was actually a highlight of our short visit to Boston.

Thank you!

-Kristy Matthews, January 2019

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