​​​​​​​Boston's Best BabySitters

Thank you for sending Marcie to babysit my four children. 
She comes full of activities and game ideas. 
She was amazing and had my children comfortable within 10 minutes of arriving. 
The 22 month old did not cry when I left which is a first!
-Heather, December 2007

Thank you for sending Andrea to care for my four children. 
She keeps them entertained and busy. 
She is unflappable and can keep on a smile
even when the 2 year old is in a temper tantrum.
-Heather, December 2007

Sarah has helped us with our little boy Quinton this past year. 
She is kind, considerate and very reliable. 
We feel we can truly count on Sarah. 
She is always on time and always shows up. 
She is very flexible with her hours to work she has accommodated
our schedules on many occasions.
  Our son calls Sarah his teacher, she plays with him,
she reads with him takes him to his play dates all of appointments. 
Our little boy really enjoys her company. 
Sarah truly has many talents and is very creative. 
We feel truly blessed to have Sarah in our lives
and anyone she meets will be blessed with her presence.  
We recommend her highly.
-Bob, Laura & Quinton Cousineau, December 2007

Andrea Morales has been baby-sitting for us since September 2007.
We have had her baby-sit our 3 year old daughter one night a week on a regular basis.
We have found Andrea to be engaging with our daughter, patient, gentle and
someone who our daughter clicked with the first time Andrea stayed with her.
I have found Andrea to be professional and someone who I can count on.
She returns phone calls and emails promptly and is a pleasure to work with.
She follows the requests I ask of her when she is with our daughter
and we enjoy having her in our home.
I am happy to give a reference at any time on Andrea.
-Kristen Rose, December 2007

Thanks again for providing Kim P. during our stay in Boston!
The agency was very responsive to my concerns about leaving a sitter with my
very active 19-month-old daughter in a hotel room. 
Kim was a wonderful sitter, who instantly clicked with my little girl,
and kept her happy and entertained during our night out. 
My daughter stayed up way past her bedtime to wait up for us,
but both she and Kim were as cheerful as ever. 
I highly recommend Kim for other hotel stays;
she is creative and flexible, and very attuned to the needs of little ones! 
I will definitely recommend Kim and BBB to others traveling to Boston. 
Thanks so much, and have a great day---hope this will help Kim; she really is great!
-DIANA, December 2007

Andrea is wonderful with our 14 month old daughter,
she's very patient, understanding and respectful of our family. 
We also appreciate that she takes the initiative to take our daughter outdoors
as much as possible to interact with other children and see new things.
-Didi Lutz, December 2007

Everything worked out great with Tara yesterday. 
She was great and Annabelle had a really good time. 
Everything went smoothly, so thanks for making it work so that Tara could be there. 
Annabelle is looking forward to next week. 

I just wanted to say thanks!
-Liza Meyer, November 2007

Many thanks to Tara for taking great care of Samantha and Evan on Saturday night. 
Sam said she had a great time!
Take care,
-Nancy Slater, October 2007

We had Cristina S as our babysitter tonight at the Intercontinental
and she was absolutely excellent! 
If we ever come back in to town, we will definitely utilize her again. 
I just want to thank you again for your service and let you know that
Christina did an absolutely awesome job!
-Matt S., October 2007

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate Evelyn’s help
with Elizabeth over the weekend. 
Evelyn was very nice and I was very comfortable with her babysitting Elizabeth. 
Please feel free to pass my name along if anybody wants a reference.
Have a good day and thanks again,
-Michelle Harmon, September 2007

I just wanted to say that the babysitters you sent me for Rosh Hashanah were so fabulous! 
They were perfect! 
I wanted to adopt every single one of them and take them home with me. 
Thank you for everything. 

It has been great!
-Laura (Young Israel), September 2007

I just wanted to thank you for recommending Lauren,
she is great and we will definitely be using her again in the future!
-Michelle Schweitzer, September 2007

I mentioned to the manager of the Nine Zero Hotel
but I just wanted to also let you know that Liza was incredibly fabulous with my baby. 
He was exceedingly happy with her and Liza’s
confidence and demeanor made me so very comfortable. 
She’s a real gem.
Thank you so much for recommending her.
-Michelle Hyde, September 2007

I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with Maria. 
She was on time each morning, followed my wishes with Katie and did a great job. 
She was so attentive and gave me updates on how much Katie ate, diapers, etc.
when I would come back in the room. 
By Wednesday morning, Katie was all smiles when she saw Maria.
  Working with your company made the whole experience so much easier
and I will definitely be contacting you if I am in the Boston area again!
-Michelle Seger, September 2007

I just wanted to thank you for all your patience and professionalism
in helping me organize babysitters for my wedding last week. 
The kids and parents seemed to love Katie and Liza,
and I certainly loved having them there to keep the kids quiet and occupied
right upstairs from their mommies and daddies. 
I really appreciate how flexible and accommodating you were
as my plans kept changing, and I hope that I wasn’t too annoying. 
You probably already have lots of great testimonials on your website,
but if a bride or other event organizer needs a reference for you in the future,
do not hesitate to give out my e-mail address. 
I would be delighted to share my very high opinion
of Boston’s Best BabySitters.
Thanks again!
-Emily Tucker Prud’hommeaux, August 2007

Lois was great today and I thank you for such a well-
qualified and personable child care provider.
-Anita, August 2007

Jennifer--thank you soooo much.  You are AWESOME. 
You took the stress out of me just by being simple and straightforward.
-M, August 2007

Just wanted to let you know again that we had an amazing experience with Tara. 
Thank you so much for organizing her babysitting
and I will definitely be in touch if we come to Boston again.
Kind regards,
-Jinus, August 2007

We just returned from  Boston and I wanted to let you know how incredible
Missy, Lauren and Lois all were--the kids loved them instantly
and my husband and I were really able to enjoy the weekend wedding! 
My sister is getting married next month in Montreal--
what a shame you don’t have a Canadian branch!
Many thanks again,
-Tamar Smith, August 2007

Thanks so much! 
I wanted to let you know how wonderful Meghan was! 
She was amazing and did such a fantastic job. 
If there is any type of survey/follow-up questionnaire I could fill out...
please let me know!
Thanks again!
-Stava, August 2007

I would like to thank you for your services, Meghan is wonderful indeed. 
I didn’t have to think twice. 

She is very responsible and took good care of the kids. 
I will keep your information with us and will use and recommend your agency
to family and friends visiting Boston. 
Why don’t you and Meghan move to Woodlands, TX : )
-Dalia, Raja, Julia and Lydia, July 2007

I just wanted to say thank you for sending us a great team of nannies again this year. 
Jenny and I have gotten wonderful feedback on your group. 
We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Kind Regards,
- Krissy, July 2007

Marriah was unbelievable. 
What a fantastic representation of your company! 
I can actually say that the seven years I’ve had kids and been an international traveler,
I have NEVER gotten anyone at a hotel anywhere in the world as personable,
professional, and just all-around perfect as Marriah was. 
Her “Bag of Fun”...what an unbelievable addition to an already perfect person!
- Russ Perkins, July 2007

We just returned from Boston and I wanted to drop you a line to thank you
for your help arranging care for our daughter. 
Melissa and Missy were exceptional,
so please let them know how much Evie enjoyed her time with them.
Thanks again,
-Talbot, June 2007

Wanted to let you know that Britt was an absolute doll...forthright, honest, trustworthy,
capable, friendly, compassionate, playful, and a big hit with the kids. 
Thank you for sending such a wonderful person.
-Nancy, June 2007

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed meeting Ashley -
she took care of my son Joey 0n 6/13. 
We really liked her and we wish her Good Luck!
Thank you,
- Julia Grillo, June 2007

Thanks for your message last week. 
We are so thrilled with Priscilla that we would like to extend her for 6 more nights!
- Annie Bartlett, May 2007

Hello!  I have been a professional Nanny for 7 years. 
I am proud to say that I have a long-term history with my families. 
The most recent: 2.5 years, and prior to that, 2 years, and 1 year. 
I am moving away from the Nanny profession and into Real Estate here in the Boston area.
I continue to have a love of children, and am beginning to think about childcare
for my own future children!  I am SO REFRESHED and enthused to find BBBabySitters. 
While I am not currently seeking any childcare -related positions, I would love
to know a little more about your agency, as I would truly love to have a “no-exceptions”
referral to parents I am working with during re-location.  I also feel as though I can
breathe a sigh of relief, as your requirements for nannies are everything I would look for
in a crae-giver for my own children.  I am familiar with the nanny-search process,
how tedious it can be to find really great nannies, all while keeping the best interest
of the children in mind!  Salute to all of you with BBBabySitters
who seem to have finally created an agency that works for all!
- Tricia G, April 2007