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Hotel Pet Care

~We LOVE your pets like we

LOVE children~

In 2017, a third of our jobs fell under the Hotel Pet Care category. We cared for birds, cats and dogs in the finer pet-friendly hotels throughout Boston. BBB providers stay in-room with family pets and will walk, feed, play, cuddle and administer medications according to the family's desires and instructions. (We've attended several weddings where pets have been guests or even part of the wedding party.)  

This service isn't just a walk- it is full one-on-one attention, care and love given to your family pet by an experienced animal lover. As with childcare, there is a 3-hr daily minimum of consecutive care. Pet care providers come with authorization forms, paperwork for special instructions and receipts for owners. 

$115 for the first 3 hours, and $25/hr thereafter.   

Text Pet Care Requests to 617.455.7171