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We had a wonderful day and all our guest parents were super thankful 
to have the providers [Jane, Lindsay, Monique, Nancy] available. 
We heard the kids had a ton of fun. 
Thank you for your help!
-Niall & James, June 2018​

Monique was AMAZING.

Not only was she just fantastic with the kids, but she was super with the coordination.

If the kids finished off something (like the goldfish) she would tell not just the first parent she saw,

but she would make sure the other parent knew too!

She also set a new bar for when my kids would go outside.

After a few weeks with Monique,

Ky and Nate were asking to play outside in the rain and I had to get myself a better raincoat! 

-Megan, August 2017

It's been such a relief to have the team of babysitters (Lindsay, Marzi, Monique, Sharon)
helping us with childcare this season, 
and not have to worry about it as I got adjusted to the new job, so thank you!
-Tom, Grace Episcopal December 2016

I just wanted to say thank you so much! 
The babysitters (Christine, Heather, Marzi, Monique, Rosa, Sharon) last night were great! 
We look forward to working with you guys in the future!
-Imen, December 2016

We want to let you all know that we thought Monique was terrific….

I would recommend her…
She was delightful, reliable, and was able to roll with the changes we had each day very responsively.

A pleasure, and we felt so great that the dogs were safe. 
Many thanks!
-Susan E Parlow, Ph.D., November 2016

The ladies that we had this weekend (Erin, Lindsay, Marzi and Monique)

were great and the kids had lots of fun.
-SSG Jacques Parent, Yellow Ribbon August 2016

The sitters (Christina, Erin, Monique) were wonderful
and we can't say thank you enough for making this process so smooth!
Looking forward to working with you in the future.
-Renee, January 2016

Provider's Name : Monique B
Venue of Service : Residential
Date(s) of Service : Multiple
Monique has worked on multiple occasions, and each time she did a great job.

My husband calls her the 'baby whisperer.'

She's laid back, young at heart.

I love the rapport she has built with my son.

She keeps me posted with great pictures and videos, and she is flexible in terms of her work hours.

I highly recommend her.

-M. Christine David, April 2015

Provider's name: Monique
Date of service: 2/6/15
We have 3 children, ages 6,4, and 2.
Mo came with arts and crafts and immediately made the kids comfortable in her care.
She was very professional, and asked all the right questions about the kids and their routines. 
We will definitely use her again!
-R, February 2015

Just want to say thank you for scheduling Monique to care for our 2 toddlers this past weekend.
Mo is a terrific babysitter who is professional and kind.
We look forward to seeing her on our next trip to Boston.
-Alison, November 2014

Just a quick note to tell you what a pleasure it was working with Monique (Mo) today. 
She was wonderful with the kids- fun, kind, creative-everything you want in a nanny.
And again-a joy to work with!
-Sharon, October 2014

The babysitters were great on Thurs and Fri last week.
They were all professional, responsible and wonderful with the kids.
Thank you for finding them all.
-Shaarei Tefillah, September 2014

I am very open-minded and respectful when it comes to beliefs and customs of different families, though. I understand that each family is so different from the next- no matter what their religious involvement, and I feel it makes me a more well-rounded person when I get to work with each new family. My current long-term family is Muslim and I just had the best time working a large group job with other Boston's Best BabySitters providers at two different orthodox, conservative temples for the 2014 Rosh Hashananh and Yom Kippur holidays!

Thank you for reading my profile.
I hope you enjoyed it and would love to meet you
and care (and have fun) for the ones you love!

I also have some experience in leading and teaching. I was the lead teacher at Sunday School and Children's Church services in my church in Oklahoma for many years. I worked with children ranging in ages from 0-12years. In 2003 and 2004, I was a student teacher with a program called Postponing Sexual Involvement, where I was awarded with Best Teacher in 2004. In this program, I went around to schools teaching children all about the difference between marketing and real life and how not to fall for the gimmicks and pressures our society places on young people in all different areas of life.

Babysitting and nannying require you to constantly entertain someone! My favorite method for creating fun and entertainment is utilizing the great outdoors. I love going on walks around the neighborhood or city looking for flowers or bugs or treasure! The simple things can also be the best things, like a good game of hide and seek, or a pretend game of Mommy and baby or even superheros!  I also like to bake! It's a lot of fun to watch children crack and egg, mix a little too fast and get messy, or just lick the spoon!

I have been a nanny and babysitter professionally for 7 years. In this time, I have worked with and for many families and children from all different walks of life and backgrounds. Each child and family has different personalities, dynamics, and needs. As a caregiver, I think it is important to recognize these and be respectful of them while still having fun, and keeping everyone safe and in-line. Our differences are what makes things interesting and fun!

Hello! My name is Monique, but please call me Mo or Momo. Originally from Oklahoma, I moved to Massachusetts 4 years ago to nanny full-time. I am presently a part-time nanny in the suburbs of Boston while I attend school for Business Administration. In my spare time, I love to do anything active and fitness-based, including recreational races like the R.O.C. and Rugged Maniac. I also love to explore the city of Boston, which is full of fun, adventure and activity. There is always something new to discover! In September 2014, I started working for Boston's Best BabySitters, and managed to work 68 temp jobs (44 requests) during that 3-month period of 2014!

Professional Childcare Provider
Ages 0-12y Experience

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Twin Newborn Experience
BBB Event Provider
Infant &  Child CPR and First Aid: January 2017

​I worked 6 BBB Jobs in 2018

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Monique B