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Although we are used to last-minute requests, the more advanced notice we have, the more available providers your family will have to choose from.  In order to secure your chosen provider, please make your selection within 24-hours of receiving your list of available profiles.  Provider availability changes daily! When making a request, please be sure to include the following information regarding:

date(s) of service
start & end times
number & ages of child(ren)
any special needs/instructions/requests
available parking
pets in the home

Please keep in-mind that we have a 3-hr daily minimum for childcare,  elder care and pets...
*Job applicants will need to contact inquiry@bbbabysitters.com for pre-qualification and should not fill-out this form. 

Cancellation Policy: a $100 fee will be charged for all cancellations. 
Last-minute Policy: an extra $20 will be charged to very last-minute requests (made 6hrs or less prior to start)

General Authorization:
By filling-out this form: I have authorized a Boston's Best BabySitters childcare provider to care for my child(ren) and have provided her with care instructions and an emergency number. I understand that the childcare provider is my employee, and not that of Boston’s Best BabySitters. I hereby agree to hold Boston’s Best BabySitters harmless for any loss, damage, or accident claims, which may arise out of or in connection with the rendering of services by the provider, named herein. In consideration of the referral screening and support services provided, I will not contact the childcare provider directly nor will I use the services of this provider without contracting through Boston’s Best BabySitters.

All Boston's Best BabySitters providers will come equipped with both an Authorization Form and Parent Receipt. Authorization forms must be filled-out and signed by a parent or guardian prior to leaving child(ren), elder(s) or pet(s) in the care of the chosen provider. (Medication, swimming and transportation waivers are included on form.) Forms are then returned to Boston's Best BabySitters by provider, and parents or guardians are left with a receipt and testimonial coupon. Be sure to fill-out a testimonial about your Boston's Best provider in order to receive an additional $5 off your already discounted repeat client fee on the very next service date.