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event was open to nannies throughout the community and offered caregivers the opportunity to network, share resources and be appreciated for their professionalism. The trainings tackled some of the profession’s unique challenges and also celebrated its unique rewards. (Priscilla was a featured speaker and expert panelist for the Boston event in 2012 as well as for the Metro West event in 2014 and Cambridge in 2015.) 

About NNTD:

Boston’s Best BabySitters celebrated National Nanny Training Day to recognize the needs of young children and to raise awareness of the positive correlation between nanny training and quality care. This national initiative was part of Week of the Young Child, an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. (NAEYC is an early childhood education association of almost 90,000 members and a network of more than 300 local, state, and regional affiliates. ) On Saturday, April 28th, 2012, over 1,000 nannies in more than 30 cities gathered in their local communities at training events designed to meet their unique needs. Boston’s Best BabySitters was proud to be the local sponsor for the Boston event, which was held at the South Boston Neighborhood House.

The Boston event offered sessions on Creative and Interactive Play, Family-nanny Challenges, Infant & Child CPR and First Aid, Infant Massage, Infant and Toddler Safety, Newborn Specialties, Nurtured Heart Approach, Pediatric Nutrition, Portfolio Building and Professional Development. This  

Other childcare affiliations include the Massachusetts Department of Education, the Massachusetts Early Literacy Program, the Massachusetts Association for Child Sign Language, and Boston University’s School of Medicine Early Childhood Institute. Priscilla was also a Direct Service Provider for Patriots Trail Girl Scouts, a Visitation Supervisor for Child Access, a Parent Mentor for the Department of Social Services, a former Instructor-Trainer for CPR and First-Aid with the American Red Cross, a current Authorized Provider and Instructor for Infant & Child CPR and First-Aid for the American Red Cross. She’s worked with the Department of Social Services Children’s Trust Fund and Family Services, and is currently developing several safety programs for children to be implemented in school curricula.

Infant Specialist Program at a Glance: Boston’s Best BabySitters’ Infant Care Specialist certificate program is designed to prepare experienced professionals with the necessary skills to provide exceptional comprehensive care for newborns and infants through the first year of life. Additionally, the course is intended to instruct participants how to offer assistance, support, education and empowerment to newborn families, guiding parents through the first weeks after birth. Attendees will be introduced to and instructed in basic subject areas related to health, safety and wellness that are invaluable resources in helping new families succeed. In addition to fundamental growth and development themes, specialized topics include Infant & Child CPR and First Aid, infant massage techniques, recognizing and addressing the secret language of infant pre-cry vocalizations, post-partum support, lactation assistance and encouragement, as well as preventative measures associated with shaken baby syndrome, SIDS, depression and bonding failure.  Upon completion of the training, each participant receives a Certificate of Achievement in Infant Childcare & Wellness.  

With a background in social work and as the former director of Health and Safety Services for the American Red Cross, Priscilla founded Boston’s Best BabySitters & Nannies, which began specializing in short-term, last minute hotel childcare, in 1996. Since then, the agency has evolved to include childcare coverage for parents seeking both part-time and full-time care in their homes. Most recently, Priscilla launched an Infant Specialist program, as well as a Traveling Nanny department to meet the demands of busy parents, giving rise to what is now the only comprehensive childcare agency in Boston.

Priscilla is a member of the International Association of Infant Massage Inc., where she has been certified as an infant massage instructor and licensed as a Parent Educator. This specialized skill, along with Infant & Child CPR and First Aid training, are just two components of American Baby Care, Priscilla’s new Infant Specialist program, which is designed to assist parents with newborns. In some classes, parents receive instruction and certification from the American Red Cross, where Priscilla is an Authorized Provider.

Founder Boston's Best BabySitters
Infant Care Specialist
Certified Infant Massage Instructor
Certified Lactation Consultant
Infant & Child CPR and First Aid Instructor
Certified Parent Educator
National Nanny Training Day 2012: Boston Presenter
National Nanny Training Day  2014: Metro West Presenter
National Nanny Training Day  2015: Cambridge Presenter

Covid-19 Vaccinated 1/21

BBB Provider since 1996

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13 BBB Testimonials


I wanted to say that we had very successful babysitting sessions on Monday and Tuesday.  
Monday, especially, was strong with the staff  
[Bruna, Caitlin, Carol, Deborah, Eileen, Priscilla, Sue and Tabi]
being fully engaged and coming up with new ways to keep the kids contained yet enjoying things 
(the services went rather long).
-Shaarei Tefillah, September/October 2019

Thank you for sending us such wonderful caregivers both last week and this week!! 
They really all were excellent. 
They had great ideas, made everything fun for the kids, 
anticipated what needed to be done, connected with kids who were upset (at first) 
to be apart from their parents...they really all are very good at what they do! 
We hope some of the same sitters will come back to us next year! 
With gratitude, 
-All of us at Shaarei Tefillah :)
​September 2018

I wanted to let you know that all the providers [Priscilla et al]
were great over Rosh Hashanah- the parents loved them!
 -Sarah, September 2010

Hi Jen,
Thank you so much for being on top of this! The plan absolutely makes sense.
We feel very fortunate to have discovered your agency and particularly
Molly and Priscilla who are lovely.
-Ruth, June 2010

Hi Jennifer,
 I hope you and Priscilla are well, and that you remember us from our last trip to Boston. 
Priscilla helped us out enormously amongst the chaos!
 We will be back in Boston for a follow-up visit between 1 and 5 July,
and I was wondering whether Priscilla might be available.
-Alex, June 2010

Hi, Jennifer-
A friend of mine is going to call you tomorrow about part-time childcare options
for her twins (a boy and girl) for after July when she goes back to work.
I raved about you all today during a visit with them and told her you can answer all her questions.
I also mentioned to her the services that Priscilla offers with newborn care.
-Sushama, June 2009

The classes Priscilla gave were well done and well received. 
She has a wonderful way of teaching and was well-informed. It was a good experience.
-Meredith, March 2008

Priscilla was and is a Godsend to our family!! 
She was at our home to greet us as we returned from the hospital
and she instantly put my first time parenting fears at ease. 
Our baby was easily comforted by her and we couldn't have felt more sure of any other caregiver. 
She stayed with us for a month and I learned all the tricks and tips of handling a newborn. 
In addition to being an excellent caregiver, she was a perfect Mommy-Coach! 
Priscilla still comes to see the baby every once in a while and he smiles the minute he sees her. 
She has become one of our favorite people and I couldn't recommend her services enough. 
It's difficult to find someone as professional (she's a certified expert in CPR too),
as knowledgeable, as responsible and as sweet as Priscilla!
-Ali, January 2008

Priscilla worked with me and my newborn son, Lekh during Nov/Dec 2007.
She was amazingly patient, giving me essential tips on everything form
nursing to burping to infant CPR.  She affectionately held him
while encouraging me to take much-needed naps, which was a godsend! 
Besides having a loving bedside manner,
Priscilla is a walking/talking Baby Info hotline!
-Sushama and Lekh

We are so thrilled with Priscilla that we would like to extend her for 6 more nights!
- Annie Bartlett, May 2007

I am writing this letter to recommend Priscilla as a baby nurse.
She came twice to our home for 4 hours when our daughter was born in the
summer of 2006 and we were amazed to see how much we got from her visits.
She is a very kind and caring person and was a great support to us as new parents.
During those hours, she taught us how to put our baby to bed,
listen to her cues, sooth her, and interact with her.
She showed us how to do CPR and infant massage.
She also gave us great advice in regard to feeding and putting our daughter on a schedule.
Last but not least, she was a comforting presence in those first few weeks.
We would highly recommend her and would be happy to talk with anyone
who would like to get some references.
-Drs. Sandrine and Bertrand, Beacon Hill 2006

I just wanted to thank you again for the info and the CPR class so soon.  
I just got the Nanny position that I had been interviewing for and I am sure that a lot
of it has to do with me getting CPR certified so quickly!! 
You are all great and I've already passed your info along to the woman
I am sitting for and I know to use you again for any more classes I am interested in.  
Thanks again and take care,
-Laura Leigh, June 2006

I was so thrilled with the class and how it was taught,
that I was wondering if you folks teach to younger kids...around the ages 10-12. 
Not only do I nanny, but I am also involved with Girl Scouts...
my daughter's troop may be interested.  
Thanks so much!
-Sharon,  January 2005