On a more local scale, Yvonne has worked with a wide-range of families including those with newborns, toddlers, school-aged children, teens, and with families who have special need circumstances. Each family comes with its own unique set of problems and situations, and Yvonne has risen to any challenge she has been given! From live-in to long-term to temporary nanny, Yvonne has seen it all, and says,  “I still like to keep up-to-date with the latest child rearing issues and am constantly learning from and sharing my experiences.” Utilizing the skills gained from over thirty years of extensive child and parent interaction, Yvonne has become quite a popular parent coach in America. Among her favorite coaching mottoes, "You can’t change the children’s behavior until you advise the parents on the correct way to teach them." As a coach, not only does Yvonne identify the root cause of the family’s parenting crisis, she implements the necessary tools for change.

In 2006, Yvonne started working with Boston's Best BabySitters as a full-time placement consultant and parent coach. Although she no longer works in the placement department, Yvonne remains very active with both coaching and training. She is an instructor in CPR/First Aid/babysitting for AHA/ECSI/AAP, a trained instructor in Dr. Harvey Karp's Happiest Baby on the Block, and is working with BBB's training department to develop and expand both their infant manual and training classes to include the toddler years.   

As mentioned earlier, Yvonne's experience is not just with infants and toddlers, however. School-aged children and teens are also in her area of expertise! Through her articles in the Boston Herald, where she worked as a parent advice columnist for six years, Yvonne has shared a multitude of invaluable childcare lessons pertaining to all ages. In addition to her parent column, Yvonne appeared regularly on a live news parenting segment for two years. These archived articles and videos can still be accessed online at the Boston Herald and NECN...just do a search for Nanny Yvonne! Yvonne is also a regularly scheduled expert on FOX News, addressing such issues as the importance of professional training for nannies.

Boston Parents, you've asked and she's responded! Although she cannot personally respond to every email, Nanny Yvonne will answer one parenting question from a Boston's Best BabySitters' parent or nanny each week. For a more comprehensive and interactive Q&A  opportunity, please be on the look-out for her upcoming parenting and professional nanny blog, which will address the most popular and cutting-edge concerns of both families and their childcare professionals. Please note that opinions are given based on Yvonne's experience as a childcare provider and not as a licensed therapist.

With the hopes of one day opening a professional nanny academy, Yvonne continues to write course material and develop nanny training sessions for Boston's Best BabySitters. Not only does she work closely with BBB staff, Yvonne also works with nannies and parents, lending a hands-on, down-to-earth and personal approach to all aspects of childcare. Stay tuned for Yvonne's BLAST- babysitting lessons and safety training for ages 11+ through the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Expert Parenting Advice and Family Consultation:

With over thirty years of childcare experience, Nanny Yvonne offers practical,

insightful and straightforward instruction pertaining to all aspects of parenting issues.


You'd think a nanny who could convince a mother to banish a 150-pound pig to
the backyard and stop feeding her children on the floor could tackle just about anything. 
And anything is just what Yvonne Finnerty, a part-time Cape resident,

is asked to do as one of the British child-raising experts decked out in cap and cape for Fox's Nanny 911.
-Cape Cod Times

Yvonne has an amazing ability to work in pressure filled situations
and does so with compassion and professionalism.
-Producer Nanny 911

A resourceful and responsible person who works well
under extreme and unusual circumstance.
-London Daily Mirror

Nanny Yvonne seems to truly care for the children and is quite good at her career.
It's never easy to correct parents but she handles the task with grace, charm and tact.
Also, she is pleasing to the eye and has a melodious voice. 

In any event, I wish Nanny Yvonne continued success and happiness.
-Single Boston Parent

Nanny Yvonne was there when we needed her most! 
She has our respect and thanks.
-Boston Parent

An old-fashioned nanny with a contemporary approach.
-Boston Parent
Yvonne is an outstanding parent resource, with a wealth of knowledge and experience!
-Boston's Best BabySitters

Professional Childcare Provider
Parent Educator Boston’s Best BabySitters
Instructor: Happiest Baby on the Block
Parent Coach
H1N1 Vaccinated
National Nanny Training Day Presenter 2012-2014 Baby Fair Presenter Boston / Houston 2013

CPR/First Aid/Babysitting Instructor


​Boston Medical Center Pediatrics Volunteer​

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Born and educated in London, England, Yvonne Finnerty traveled to America to work as a nanny over thirty years ago. Her vast experience in childcare services and her four years as an Admissions Director for a private school here in Boston, reached a worldwide audience in 2005 when Yvonne was selected to appear on the prime time hit series NANNY 911 for Fox Broadcasting USA. It is on television that Yvonne’s professional skills provided a large-scale platform for promoting family success. Already benefiting millions of parents and viewers in the US, the show was in syndication, and seen in over thirty-four Countries, including the UK, Canada, South America and Australia, giving international audiences the chance to put Yvonne’s expertise to the test!  

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